Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hippo's Halfpoint

Hippo 2 is officially halfway done- we are 21 weeks tomorrow, so actually a little more than halfway. We went to the doc today and had our big ultrasound, where they take all the baby's measurements and -yes- find out the sex of the baby. But, wait, there's more...

We had the ultrasound lady write the sex of the baby on a card and seal it in an envelope and we plan to open it on Larry's birthday next week, the 31st. This was his idea, and he somehow got me to agree, so now we all have to wait another week to find out! Trust me- it's hard for me too!! Which is why Larry took the card with him and hid it at his office- he wouldn't even let me hold it in the car because, & I admit it, I'd peek! So you all have one more week to make your predictions and then we'll have the big reveal...

It was fun to see little Hippo bouncin around in there today. Kiddo is very healthy, everything is where and how big it's supposed to be. Hippo actually measured a little big for my Dec. 5th due date, so maybe this one will come a few days early. Fine with me!! Hippo was actually unusually active this morning, so our pictures are a little blurry, but trust me, it's a precious, perfect little baby in there! (I tried to label the pictures, so you can actually see what they are of.)
Profile of Hippo's head- the "bubble" above the mouth is actually the cord.

Hippo's little feet, kicking!

I'm feeling good too- have most of my energy and more than enuf appetite back from the first trimester. Georgia's keeping me on a strict cardio plan of running after her, picking things up all day and good ol' laughter! I think she's working on her big sis skills, as she's been extra bosy to Bernie lately. Poor pup doesn't know what's coming...

Feel free to comment on your predictions as to Hippo 2 being a boy or girl, and tune it next week for the big reveal! (If I can get ahold of the envelope before then, I'll let you know! ;) )

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New York, new york!!

We spent a fun and filling 4th weekend with good friends - say that 3 times fast!! Matt and Sandy joined us for a great weekend in New York City where we enjoyed the many sights, sounds and tastes of the Big Apple. Here's a brief review of our fun:

Thursday, July 3rd
Arrived; navigated the trains into the city; checked in to the Hampton Inn at Times Square (great location & hotel!); waded thru the masses in Times Square and played in Toys 'R Us; saw the city from the top of the Empire State Building (ALWAYS buy your tickets online!); headed out to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks get crushed by the Red Socks- we sat in a very fun & rowdy outfield bleacher section (#39!), which, along with the many snacks, made the loss actually fun! And being in Yankee Stadium in it's last season was an amazing experience in itself.
Larry found the perfect bag- Hello Kitty NYC!!

Enjoying the view from the Empire State Building.

Keeping up with the party in Section 39, Yankee Stadium!

Friday, July 4th
Saw Natalie and Lester at the Today Show- Matt & Meridith had the day off; We took a "Movie & TV tour" that took us all over the city and showed us where great movie and tv shows have been filmed- saw the Friends apartment building, the Cosby brownstone, and 'Rice to Riches' from Hitch; next toured the NBC studios and saw the studios of Headline News, Conan and Saturday Night Live; dinner at the Stage Deli and Larry's highlight- their mile-high cheesecake; we joined the huge crowd to watch the 4th fireworks over the East River.
The Friends building- looks nothing like in the show!

Visiting with the Cosby's.

Saturday, July 5th
Went down to the Financial District and saw the World Trade Center site- it was amazing & encouraging to see the progress that's been made. They are actually re-building there now! We also saw St Paul's church, which is the unofficial memorial site for the WTC, Trinity church (where Nicholas Cage found the lost National Treasure), the NY stock exchange & browsed thru Tiffany's; we met up with my NYC cousin Conor for lunch at Big Ricks, a great, local hole-in-the-wall; went to the matinee show of Spamalot starring Drew Lachey (Dancing w/ the Stars, 98*) and Stephen Collins (7th Heaven dad)- very funny and enoyed by the guys & girls!!; we took an afternoon stroll (got lost!!) in Central Park; went back to the hotel to rest after our "stroll"; and enjoyed dinner & frozen hot chocolate that night at Serendipity 3; topped off the night with the Times Square lights.
In Central Park, before we got lost!

Sunday, July 6th
Started the day bright and early on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty- saw Lady Liberty up close & personal, then headed over to Ellis Island to see the history of immagration; took the train back uptown & saw Grand Central Terminal; played in FAO Scwartz & saw a dance on the Big Piano; went to the guys' toystore- the Big-Apple-sized Apple store; shopped at a street fair; and headed to the airport to -eventually- get back home!
Visiting Lady Liberty

It was a really fun trip and something we're glad we got to do- especially with great friends & as we know it will get even harder to get away on trips like this one after baby #2 comes! And since the Phelps will also be busy with a little one soon! (We are so excited that our dear friends are expecting- see their news here...) Georgia enjoyed spending her 4th with my parents in Tampa, getting spoiled as usual and having fun in the pool with Uncle Michael & Morgan, their lab. Hopefully she'll enjoy sharing that spoiling-time after December! :)