Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrating El Nino's 3rd!

Monday, June 16th
On Monday morning (June 16th- I'm a little behind- as usual!) we all gave Rosemary big hugs and wished her Happy Birthday! Her response was the same to us all- "It's not my bir-day... my bur-day June 16th!" I guess after talking about it for weeks, she wasn't ready for it to actually happen! Later we headed to the store to get some birthday cupcakes. She picked out little vanilla ones where the frosting looked like a star. After that she was VERY excited about it being her "bur-day"!!
Finally after daddy got home it was time- star cupcakes and presents! Even though I'm so sad to see my baby growing up, I'm glad she decided to have a birthday!! :)

Making birthday wishes!

Yea for presents!!

"Oooo- my Barbie!!!"
Big sis reading Rosemary's birthday card to her! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rosemary!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to You!!
Happy 3rd Birthday to Rosemary!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lincoln Graduates PreK

Wednesday, May 28th
Everything about a Preschool graduation is adorable! The kids in their sweet 5-year old voices and lisps, reciting Bible verses and belting out fun songs, the silly smirks and awesome dance moves they just can't keep in despite the "serious" occasion, their proud little faces as they finally cross the stage and come down to the stairs to the even prouder families. Small Blessings doesn't do the whole cap and gown bit for the performance, but they have it at the reception for pictures and the kids love "dressing up". It's -of course- adorable!!
Georgia was full of good advice and helpful hints to Lincoln before graduation- basically telling him every little thing that happened at hers! Having a big sister can be so informative!! I finally explained to her that he needed the chance to have his own experience... I'm sad to think Rosemary won't have the same experience, but she lived vicariously through Linc this year- she was practically part of his class! I had to drag her out of the room at every drop off and pick up, and Ms Annette and Ms Shannon were great about letting her participate in several fun events with the class. Rosemary insisted on having her own picture taken with Ms Annette at the graduation reception!
Lincoln got chosen for two "mic moments"- and he was so excited to get that chance, not nervous or embarrassed in the least! The kid was made for the stage... At the very beginning, after Molly and Tommy did the welcome remarks, Linc recited a verse- 
"I am thanking God from a full heart. I am whistling, laughing and jumping for joy. Psalm chapter 9, verses 1 and 2." 
Later, when the classes were singing "This Land is my Land, This Land is your Land", Lincoln and his classmate Emory soloed a verse- "As I was walking that ribbon of highway, I saw above me that endless skyway, I saw below me that golden valley- this land was made for you and me." They remembered every word and sang their hearts out!
Of course, the year flew by so quick, as they do... We feel very blessed to have been a part of this special preschool. Ms Annette and Ms Shannon, and the rest of the staff at Small Blessings are truly gifted in leading and loving these kids. I know our kids got a solid foundation of knowledge and loving learning thanks to their time here!

"Emory- are you ready to ROCK this song?!"
-Playing it cool- Hands in pockets- Rocking the song-
"Rocked it! Peace out, Preschool peeps!!"
Big hugs and his diploma from Ms. Annette and Ms. Shannon!

Lincoln and his BFF from this year, and Birthday Buddy- Parker!! These guys were so close by the end of the year. They hug and hold hands unashamedly. You just have a special bond with the guy born on the same day as you! Linc is already missing him for next year. 
Linc and his life-sized self-portrait.
Lincoln and our favorite Preschool teachers- Ms Shannon & Ms Annette!
Rosemary got her own picture with Ms Annette! 
This kid is so great! He's going to do great things in life- so blessed to be his family!!