Friday, April 15, 2011

Wes & Jen: The Wedding

I know some people have been eagerly awaiting pictures from my brother & his beautiful bride's wedding, but I've been delaying because- how do you choose what to post?? They had such a beautiful wedding in such an amazing spot, the pictures couldn't help but be great, and I wasn't sure I could even do a post without completely overwhelming you! So I'll do my best to pick out some favorites and give you just a taste of their beautiful, special day!

The setting was this beautiful venue, Tampa Bay Watch, on the bay in St Pete, by Ft DeSoto Park. It was a gorgeous Saturday in the mid-70s, a warm breeze blowing off the water, sun shining brightly. Jen looked like a model in her wedding dress, and Wes and the guys were very handsome in linen suits. Coral colored bridesmaid dresses, flowers and other touches were a perfect pop of color against the green and blue of the lawn and water.
I think it was just as Jen and Wes wanted it- very laid-back, fun, casual, yet amazing and special. I loved that Jen passed the time before the ceremony playing cards and wore flip flops all day! My sister-in-law and I definitely get along!
Everyone had such a great time and we loved being a part of their special day. It may have been a long time coming, but we all had fun when we got there! And we're wishing Wes & Jen a lifetime of blessings and love!

Georgia and Lincoln were the flower girl and ring bearer, and they did a good job being adorable, as was their job!

Both took a couple of practice runs down the aisle before. Lincoln had the real rings on that little pillow, so we wanted to make sure they made it to their safe destination. And Georgia's practice definitely made perfect- once she got halfway down the aisle during the ceremony she realized she had lots of petals left in her basket, so she started taking handfuls and throwing them up in the air! I don't know if anyone got pictures, but it was precious!

The Rodebush, men looking snazzy!
Peeking on the gathering crowd...
One last minute with his little girl before Daddy Kirby gives her away...

The whole gang...

And the happy couple had a perfect sunset on their beautiful day!

{As I said, this is just a taste of the pictures! If anyone has any pictures from the wedding, we're trying to compile them- please send us an email or mail a cd to me or Wes & Jen. And if you want a copy of any pictures, just let me know!}

Lincoln's Big Boy Business

Well, if you were expecting wedding pictures next from Wes & Jen's wedding, sorry to disappoint! They're coming- as soon as I can pick some favorites out of the 300+ I have! And- we've been busy taking care of other business...
Yep- Lincoln is potty-training. We're a week in. It's going. Not awesomely, but not too bad either. Not quite as smooth a transition as Georgia had, but truthfully, I haven't been giving it the time and attention I was able to give her during this process. We're just on the go more, so I've been relying a bit on Pullups for when we're out, which I never did with her bc I feel like they can be a total crutch- they're just too much like diapers. But I've been too chicken to take Linc out without them! But only when we're out- he's been bare-bottom at home. He does great if I ask him lots, make him try lots, etc, but he hasn't quite caught on to telling me before he has to go.
We tried a sticker chart for incentive, but that really isn't his thing, so we're using candy- thankfully there are lots of jellybeans in stores now!
So we've just been hanging out when we can (I guess literally when potty training a boy!- sorry for that bad pun! ;), drinking lots of juice, eating popsicles, watching Monkey, playing outside... trying to learn this big boy lesson!
I'm proud of how well he's done and know that I am the one that needs to buckle down on this a little more and help him learn it. As daddy keeps reminding us- only 9 more weeks till baby sister comes and she gets the diaper money! :)

Pray for our sanity! We'll let you know how it all turns out! ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purple & Pink Princess Party

Are you noticing a theme around here? The princesses have taken over our house! Georgia is WAY into them. I'm not quite sure how it happened- it just did. I never remember being into princesses when I was a kid of any age- or purple and pink, for that matter! But Georgia was very clear that she was expecting a Princess party for her 4th Birthday- a purple and pink Princess party, to be exact! And it was lots of fun!

Attention all Princesses, Princes & Pirates
Please join
Princess Georgia Kate Hipp
in celebration of Her Majesty's 4th Birthday
Saturday, March 26th ~ 9:30-11:30am

We ate yummy princess cupcakes...
And opened princess-y presents... with lots of help!
Played with our princess friends...

And the pirate friends too!

And shared lots of smiles! Our little Princess had a great time and loved every minute of it. Thanks to all who helped make her party so special and fun!