Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Georgia's 1st Day

And so, it begins... we have started school.
I say "we", even though it's Georgia attending, because I know life will be different now. This is the First Day of many First Day's to come, for many many years. It's only 3 half-days of preschool right now, but too soon it'll be the First Day of Kindergarten, Grade school, high school... and I can't even say the C-word. (It rhymes with 'mollege' ;)
I hope she will always be this excited about her First Days, and her excitement will instill a lifelong love of learning!
Getting her backpack just right.
She wanted Daddy to get a good picture of her backpack!!
Lincoln is ready too- he's just not sure what for!
Obligatory front steps pose...
And one with Daddy!
I love how she's angling...
...for a kiss from Daddy!

And she was off! She would have walked herself right in, but we tagged along for the first day- not that she noticed!
She got right in there and helped herself to the water table. Mrs. Daniel (right) is one of her sweet teachers.
Have I mentioned that I LOVE that she wears a uniform! Navy tops, Khaki bottoms, or blue collared dress for the girls (like the girl next to her)... not only is it adorable, but practical. Just a few outfits should last us all year, and I don't have to worry about her getting her other clothes messed up doing school projects. Oh, AND it's REALLY adorable!

Daddy had to keep a tight hold on this one, who was aching to get down and go play with the school kids!
We forced one more hug from her- lets just say she was not at all hesitant about starting school! No clinging to the pant leg- she was off and playing before we could say goodbye!
And as I looked back from the car, I had to snap one more shot- there was our Georgia- picking up and stacking all the cones in the play yard! Such a great helper-picker-upper! :)
When I picked her up she was very excited about her "school cookie with an A on it" and very complimentary of the playground. She also told me she did a game on the "pa-que-ter" (computer) and played with "all her friends"!

It was a great first day and I think our little school is going to be a blessing for all of us. It's such a sweet environment and her teachers are very loving. Lincoln and I had a quiet (comparatively!) morning and actually got some stuff done at the house. Maybe we'll get these boxes unpacked, after all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Hipps are back...

First of all, a sincere apology for the long absence... if there is anyone still out there after these two months or so of silence, thank you for your love! We love you too!
We've had a great summer. Lots of fun in the pool- swim lessons turned both kids into little fish!

Georgia is doing really great with her swimming! We can hardly keep her out of the water- she just takes off with minimal help. Good thing, since I have to keep both hands and eyes on her wild man little brother!

We, of course, spent some time playing in the sand and surf.These kids are turning into real beach babes!

But, mostly, we have done a lot of this...

and this...

and this! It has been "The Summer of the Kitchen". We have spent most every spare moment remodeling every inch of our kitchen, painting every surface of our walls, and maybe unpacking a few boxes. Yes, we are in our new house, and, yes, we are doing all of the work on it ourselves. The good- no, GREAT news is we are 85% done and should have a fully functioning kitchen in about a week!! That is really big news to someone who has been cooking in a microwave and washing dishes in the bathroom for two months! (More details to come ;)

But, as big as a finished kitchen is, the really big news in our house right now is this...

Oh, yes- bring on the reading, writing and arithmetic. Georgia is starting school tomorrow! She'll be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday, half days, and she is so very excited. She has told me repeatedly that SHE is going to school- mommy and Lincoln have to stay at home. SHE will take HER keys and drive HERSELF to school. She will take HER backpack and snack bag to HER school. She will listen to her teachers and play with her friends. And mommy and Lincoln will stay home. Lincoln is not big enough for school and mommy has to stay home with him. Daddy will go to work. And SHE will go to school.
Let's just say she's very ready for this big day! :)

Big day tomorrow- I promise we'll be back soon!