Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lincoln's Birthday Buddy and Party

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

In Lincoln's PreK class this year, he has a Birthday Buddy, Parker- both December 1st birthdays! So, Parker's mom and I thought it would be wise to do a joint Birthday party with their class. We did it at Parker's house, with a shark theme, and it was a very warm December day, after a very warm week, so it ended up being a pool party! I never thought my December boy would get a pool parry, but with Parker's pool heaters on, and the day as warm as it was, it worked out great! The kids were all decent swimmers, so they played and splashed for over an hour, then we did cupcakes and a piñata. Both boys had a blast and thought it was so special they had a buddy to celebrate their birthday with!!
Parker and Lincoln- Birthday Buddies!

Sisters like to celebrate Lincoln's birthday too!

Lining up for a cannonball contest... (see- Georgia was there too! ;)

I tried to keep little sis out of the pool (so I didn't have to go in too!), but some toesies might have gotten wet!
John Max loves his big bro! It was fun to include several older siblings that had been together in Georgia's 4K class!

Lincoln's shark face!
Parker's shark face!
Piñata time- Parker went first, bc he was born first, but he was so fast I didn't get a picture! After everyone got a shot at the shark, the bday boys tore it open and the mad grab for candy commenced!

A very fun birthday party with lots of buddies, and one special birthday buddy!!

Lincoln's Birmingham Birthday

Sunday, November 24, 2013

While we were with Larry's family in Birmingham before Thanksgiving, they got Lincoln a birthday cake to celebrate his 5th Birthday with him. So sweet! He loved having an early celebration with everyone up there! And, of course, everyone likes cake! ;)

Legoland for Linc's Bday

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lincoln's one request for his 5th birthday- to go to Legoland! We hadn't been yet, and we could fit it in nicely at the end of our Thanksgiving travels, AND Grammie and Grandad agreed to keep Rosemary with them for the day... so it worked out great! SO, on Lincoln's actual birthday, the four of us went to Legoland! We didn't tell them till the night before, when we gave Linc his Lego Batman shirt, so it was very exciting!
Legoland was great! I would definitely recommend it to anyone with kids under the age of 10 or so- or any Lego enthusiast! There are lots of rides- we spent a full day there and rode almost every ride. And it is geared more towards younger kids, so it was great for our family. At Disney there are still many rides that Lincoln is too young or small for, but he could ride them all here, yet they were thrilling enough that we all enjoyed them! There was a great pirate-themed show that incorporated boats, waterski and wake boarding tricks, in a nod to the former Cypress Gardens shows that used to be at the same location. And there are, of course, a TON of very impressive Lego models!
The service at the park was great too. We got Lincoln a "Birthday button" to wear soon after we arrived, and EVERY employee we saw stopped and said Happy Birthday to him. It was very impressive and commendable how they reached out to make him feel special! It was a great day!

One of the kids' favorite parts of the day was trading Lego figures- the staff all wear them on their name tags and they have to trade with you if you ask them. So we bought one for each kid after we arrived, and they spent the rest of the day finding ones they liked and trading. Georgia's final one was a cowgirl, and Lincoln's was a baseball player.