Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Do you remember the feeling of swinging?
Like you're flying, soaring, almost within reach of the fluffy clouds above, both terrified & thrilled as you go higher and higher...
then relaxing, almost drowsy, as you drift back down to earth and your swing slows...
the feeling of childhood.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Idea's to develop your kid in 1 hr a day...

I got a few great responses to my Momfession in the previous post, but the reply from my brother, aka "Uncle Wes", was the best... feel free to also use this plan for your *2-year-old*!! ;)

Idea's to develop your kid in 1 hr a day...
Here's what you do:

-Cut the shower to 5 min (While you are in the shower, she can review the numbers from last week, prepare, focus, and visualize getting ready to do better)

-5 min warm-up

-5 min streatching

-1 set of push-ups (max out) ( < 5min)

-15-20 min of either: basketball (work on the post game), soccer (i recommend cone drills to start on ball handling first), toss the baseball/football around5min straight free throws (they're free points... you just have to make them, so practice!!)

-10 min ab, leg and core workout (hello-dolly's, gorrilla crawl, leg throws, crunch's...)

-1 set of push-ups again (max out, plus 3 more minor sets with three quick breaths in between to rest) ( < 5min)

-Make sure you track all your progress and UP your goals each week to stay on track.

Let me know if you need any help!
-Uncle Wes

Friday, January 22, 2010


I know I haven't posted in a while- not much going on. Well, there's always something, but it's just been normal, everyday life for a while, which is good to have from time to time, but doesn't make for very exciting blogging!

So, now I have a confession, or a momfession as I'm calling it. And please don't think less of me when you hear it, I'm just bein' real!... here we go: I've been using the TV as a babysitter. I know, I know- that's like top on the list of things NOT to do to your kids. I don't have much of an excuse. When we were packing to move I also used the TV as a babysitter so the boxes I was packing wouldn't automatically become unpacked, but now there is no real reason except me-time.
You see, in the mornings while Lincoln is taking his am nap (or screaming in his crib, which seems to be the case more often- I keep telling him 13 months is way too early to drop an am nap, b/c then he's so cranky in the pm, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms...) - during this time Georgia and I have about 1.5 hours together. And, lately I've realized that she watches TV for at least an hour of that time! It's just that it keeps her occupied, in one place, semi-quiet so she doesn't wake a potentially sleeping brother, and I will defend by saying she does occasionally learn something! This is the time for her to visit with friends Super-Why, Dora , Mickey, or the ever-popular George, and for mommy to check email, do laundry or even shower.

But now I'm feeling like I should take more advantage of this time together and do something more specific with her. She's such a little sponge and I'd like to build in some specific learning activities into our day. Which is why I'm even making this confession- really I could have been content with my shame, but I'm asking for ideas. If you could have an hour with your 2- and 3/4- year old, what might you do? Well, maybe 45 mins... I still need that shower! ;)

Some non-TV things we DO: coloring- using crayons is a privilage, b/c we only get them out when baby brother isn't around, b/c we know he'll simultaneously eat them and color on the walls... although Georgia would rather organize the colors rather than anything! She's such a little sorter! Also- puzzles- she's really into them right now. She definitely does not get this from me as I am not a fan of puzzles, even 9-pc Dora ones. But she loves it and I love to watch her. She always figures it out and also always puts them together the same way, every time, which I find intresting. Check out that focus, below!

Update from when I started this post: I went to Big Lots today and happened upon these fun Martha Stewart craft kits that I thought I could use in my new & improved "Georgia Time". Yes, you could probably come up with some of this craftiness on your own, but could you buy all the supplies to do it for less than $2? Check out your Big Lots for some...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Color me trouble...

A little trouble-maker has been getting into Sister's new markers...

the ones that are NOT the Colorwonder markers and only write on Colorwonder paper, but the kind of markers that turn everything a beautiful shade of blue (or green, or pink or red)...

There is no hiding the fact that you've been caught playing with/eating these markers! (His entire tongue, palms and a nice streak down his shirt are also green!)

At least he cleans up after himself!!


This is just a post of some randomness... I found more pictures on my camera that I hadn't downloaded yet!

~ We flew in & out of Seattle when we went to Whistler, and had a few extra hours before we flew home, so we got to see Pike's Place Market and also, more awesomely!, got to see Janet, my BFF from high school that just recently moved way on out there and became a national buyer for Nordstrom's men's athletic shoes (we're so proud!). We were actually her first visitors- beat her fiance by mere hours! (Sorry, Trey!) ;)

We did get to see some fish FLY, and Larry really wanted to take some home, but we already had enough luggage!
The Pike's Place Market pig...
Aren't these gorgeous?! They have HUGE fresh bouquets of flowers, year-round. I really wanted to bring some home- but we already had enough luggage!

~ We got to open presents with Wes & Jen on Christmas Eve since Jen had to work on Christmas (& 2 days after- the life of a nurse!). Georgia got an adorable apron that she can't wait to use when she's baking! :)
~ Mom & Dad gave us all tickets to the Outback Bowl to watch Auburn v. Northwestern- a surprisingly close, frustrating and incredible game! I won't rehash it for you, I'll just tell you we all went home cold, wet and hoarse, yet, after 3 tries, jubilant!

Look who else is an Auburn fan- Santa! Can't hide behind that red hat, big guy!!
Our seats were close enough to watch the "talking-to" the defense was getting!
All caught up now! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lookey Lookey!

Lookey what I made! I'm as proud as a schoolkid with an "A"! My first real sewing project was a success- I made a bag, proving I could follow directions and operate machinery at the same time. I made it with some remnant fabric I picked up; I've scooped up a few remnants since they're cheap and I can practice with them. This one was probably a little lightweight for this bag, but it still worked. And don't look too close- you'll see my lines aren't always straight and I didn't finish the seams on the inside to look pretty... but it will hold stuff, thus qualifying it as a successful bag!
If anyone has any other easy starter projects to share, I'd love to try! :)