Monday, June 30, 2008


Georgia has learned a new trick- undressing herself. And not just clothes, diapers too! Saturday when I went in to get her up from her nap, she was just laying in her bed- neked! She had taken off her tshirt, thrown her wet diaper on the floor, and turned on the fan (the switch is right by her bed). We guess she didn't like being wet and hot! Then, Sunday, when I put her down I purposefully dressed her in a onesie that snapped at the bottom, thinking she couldn't take that off. Apparently Georgia is smarter than mommy- not only had she taken her onesie off, but also her diaper, and had somehow opened the diaper at one end, pulling tons of the gel-like filling that's in diapers out, everywhere. If you've ever seen a destroyed diaper, you know what a mess they are! And, of course b/c she was bare-bottomed, she'd peed in her bed. What a mess! But we were laughing too hard to get her in trouble! So I don't know what to dress her in now- this morning she'd taken her pj shirt off, but the bottoms were still on... maybe she just hadn't had enuf time to get to them!

In other Georgia news, she had her 15 month check-up today. She is very healthy and growing & growing! She is almost 22 pounds (40th %) and is about 32 inches (90th %)- still very tall and lean! She has 6 teeth, with another trying to come in bottom-front. I told the doc about her poor eating habits, but he's not worried! Two shots and she was done- now she's sleeping off her tylenol and probably dreaming of how to get her bloomers and dress off when she wakes up!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hippo Check Up

Many people have asked me if this pregnancy seems different than being pregnant with Georgia. I would have to say this is a prime example- I haven't posted about Hippo 2 since our initial Dr vsit! With Georgia I was counting every day, hour, minute I was pregnant, but this time I'm lucky to remember what week I'm on!

I went to the Dr on Thurday and checked in on our littlest Hippo. All's well and Hippo continues to grow. According to, Hippo is about the size of a turnip this week. (Luckily they also show this picture of a turnip b/c I have no idea what they look like!)

I heard Hippo's heartbeat galloping away, which is always my favorite part. We are 17 weeks now and both momma and baby are feeling well!

Next month we have our big ultrasound and will probably find out if we have a boy or girl Hippo coming! Having it be a surprise with Georgia was awesome and I loved doing it that way. But for some reason we just want to know this time- be more mentally prepared, I guess. I'm excited! And I know all our family and friends that we drove crazy by not finding out last time are excited!

Well, that's the Hippo update- I just didn't want to completly neglect the little one! Next month we'll have really fun news to share- make your bets now: Boy/Girl!!! Since I don't have any pictures of Hippo, except that crazy turnip, here's a few of Georgia- b/c you know I always have Georgia pictures! :)
Dada & Georgia relaxing after a long week.
Enjoying blackberries- and turning pink all over!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crack Open a Cure for Cancer!

Georgia & Jaclyn start out the Relay

Last night was the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" in Pelham. We went out as part of Larry's cousin Jaclyn's team, The Mixed Nuts. I love their slogan: "crack open a cure for cancer"! Jaclyn had a brain tumor when she was younger and we were privilaged to support her health and walk for a cure so other cancer patients can one day be healthy.

Georgia enjoyed the Relay too- she danced to the live band, bounced in the bouncy things with her daddy, got a ride in a friend's wagon, ate an ice cream sandwich and, of course, walked!!
Georgia & Joseph (Jaclyn's brother)

Some of the Mixed Nuts team

Georgia keeps Dada & uncle Ernie walking!

Georgia walks with Jaclyn, a Survivor!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Summer

Georgia and I welcomed in summer today, the season's first official day. It seems strange that we've had summer weather for almost a month before the season officially begins, but I guess that also has something to do with geography. And, I know- who would welcome the AL summer? It's hot, humid, sticky, hot, unbearable, and hot! But today is actually pleasant so we decided to be friendly back and actually welcome Summer!

I filled up the pool and we had a fun time splashing. Neighbor Addison, who's almost exactly one year older than Georgia, came over and played in the water too. The girls had fun filling their buckets and pouring it on each other, and on the dog! They played on the slide too, and Georgia thought it was fun to "neked-slide" after I had stripped her down to come back in!

We also enjoyed another summer-time treat- Popsicles! I made some apple juice ice-cube-tray pops. They were fun, yummy and easy! I dropped some blueberries in them too, which Georgia loved. Two tips if you try to make juice pops: 1) The longer the stick the better- I had some popsicle sticks that I, being thrifty, cut in half. But they were a bit short for Georgia's little fingers and she ended up mostly holding the frozen end. 2) Don't make more popsicles in front of your child after they already know what they are- she was not too happy that they had to go in the freezer without her having another one!

Hope you get to get out and enjoy Summer while it's being friendly and nice! We'd love to hear what your Summer Fun ideas are!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dada's Day

We enjoyed a full, fun weekend and Father's Day. Friday night we went out with the Phelps, and then picked up some board games at Wal Mart and headed back to our house. Larry picked Risk, which ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. (Of course, I always have fun when I'm winning!) But it was way too long, and at about 1am Matt & Sandy conceeded their territories. I think we'll have to let Sandy pick the game next time!
Dada & Daughter on Father's Day

Saturday was a "house day", and we got some stuff done around here, then went to a going-away party for friends Ben, Corrie & Ellie Moncrief, who are sadly moving to DC soon. We're excited for them as Ben as an awesome opportunity there, but will greatly miss them! (See all pictures from the party here...)
Splish-splashin in the pool!

Daddy teaches Georgia to make BIG splashes!

Georgia got up with smiles for dada on Sunday, and delivered his Father's Day cards and helped him open his gifts. Later that afternoon we blew up our new pool and splashed around- Georgia's favorite thing to do! She is such a water-baby!! That night, the Phelps included us in their Father's Day cookout, and Georgia discovered she shares a love of corn on the cob with her dada. It was so funny to watch her chew that cob down!!

Hope your weekend was fun too, and you got to spend time with or send love to your favorite Dada!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Smith Lake Fun

We spent the weekend at Smith Lake (NW of Bham) with good friends David & Laura Broom. The sun was hot and the water refreshing! The guys had fun on the jet skis- maybe too much fun as they both came home wounded! And Georgia loved the water, as always!

Thanks, Brooms, for a great weekend. It was so good to spend time with you both!
Everyone in the water!

Georgia floats with Daddy

Happy lake-baby!

Loving the wind in her hair on a boat ride!
Ready for tubing!!

The Banana Boat

Larry got a new ride....

Daddy, Georgia & the Banana Boat

a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. And, yes, it's yellow. We're embracing it!

The best part- his Volvo sold in about 24 hours on Craig's List- quickly answered prayer!

Monday, June 2, 2008

14 Months

Dear Georgia Kate,
Before I wrote this, I glanced thru some of my previous "Monthly Updates" and I am amazed by how you've grown and all you continue to learn! You change so quick and it makes me truly appreciate the time I get to spend with you each day, watching and being a part of these changes. Hopefully these little updates give our family and friends, especially those that live far from us, the chance to see what an amazing and beautiful little girl you are becoming.

~You have given up walking and now just run everywhere- I guess it IS faster! But it makes it hard for us to catch you!

~ You are climbing on the couch with no assistance and love to sit up there with daddy, like such a big girl. You also love to climb the stairs, and do great at going up, but you don't have the patience for going down safely!

~Unfortunately, you have your mommas grace and daddy's balance, so you end up with a lot of bumps and bruises. Not that you notice- you just jump up and run off again! No fear!!

~ You also get a streak of stubbornness and a strong spirit from us. We are constantly re-examining "No", boundaries and listening skills. Something I'm sure we'll have many more years of!
~ You continue to be a picky eater, though, thankfully, you do seem to eat more- just more of the same things! Favorites right now: blueberries, grapes, peaches, pears, cheerios, corn, animal cookies and ice cream.

~ You still only say a few words, but you think you say more and "talk" all the time! Words you say: dada, mum ( I guess you think you're british!), ba (bernie/dog), get (when bernie's being bad), uh oh, hot & yum!

~ Bring on the tunes, cause you got moves! You love to dance and will sway and twirl to any tune. You especially love to dance when daddy plays his guitar!

~ You are also into clapping right now and clap for anything- yourself, me or daddy, a clean diaper, a toy, food, anything! Maybe you'll be a little cheerleader!

~ You are a good player, and love to play with your Noah's ark, your pop-up toy, the ball, the fridge DJ, your baby doll & stroller, and any kind of bucket- your favorite game is to put things in and out of a bucket. Bernie is still your favorite toy, though!

~ You are a major water baby and love when we go to the pool, play with water toys, or just splash in the tub!

~ You will now give sweet hugs and kisses, though not always on command. You will sometimes blow kisses too. When daddy leaves for work you love to give him a kiss thru the railing at the stairs!

Thank you for being such a sweet baby girl! Daddy and I thank God daily for the gift of you and pray your little brother or sister will learn sweetness, gentleness and enthusiasm from you. It is fun and amazing to watch you grow each day, and see the wonderful person God created you to be come out more and more. Thank you for sharing your joy, your smiles and your sweet love!

love, mommy