Thursday, September 5, 2013

Linc's First day of PreK 4

We had our second first day of the year this week- on Tuesday Lincoln started PreK 4! Poor second child- there wasn't near as much fanfare as when Georgia started back to school. I didn't remember to fill out his paperwork till I was headed to bed the night before, and I almost forgot his first day sign... but all was good! He was so ready. When we got to school, he was down the hall and settled into his room before we could even get a hug and say "Have a great day"! Happens in a blink of en eye, doesn't it... He's going to have a great year! He has Ms. Annette and Ms. Shannon, who were Georgia's 4K teachers and truly some of the best around! Very exciting to us to have the privilege of being a part of their classroom again. I know Lincoln is going to learn so much and grow in so many ways this year!

"My favorite part of my first day of school was... (Lincoln's answer) Playing pirates on the playground!"