Friday, February 4, 2011

Pink or Blue?

We had our family over tonight to find out if Hippo 3 is a little boy or girl!
Larry and I went to the ultrasound yesterday, and Baby was doing great- all healthy and whole. As we did with Lincoln, we had the ultrasound tech write the sex on a card and we opened it later- this time we went out to dinner, kidless!, and opened it together. It's a special moment!
We made all the family wait a day to find out and they came over for dessert. Well, the in-town family came over and we had the Hipps in Birmingham on speakerphone and videochat! And, as they say, the secret was in the cake...
It's a GIRL!!!
Shock and awe all around! I think we were all, including Larry & I, expecting a boy for some reason. But God has other plans! Bring on more dresses and bows!!

It was a relief in terms of the cake- strawberry cake is much more appealing than blue cake!
I used this strawberry cake recipe and it was yummy- very moist and strawberryious. (I know- I made that up)
I said we were ALL expecting a boy- I misspoke. Georgia has been unwavering in her belief that this baby is a girl. Since she has understood that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, she's declared it a girl- we shoulda listened! :)
The three girls... (Wow- that's weird to say!)
I think Lincoln is finally understanding what is happening to him- sandwiched between two sisters, and I'm not sure he's as excited about it! ;) Don't worry buddy- daddy's already planning your guy escapes!

I'm 20 weeks now- over half way there, and feeling good! I honestly focus on this pregnancy a lot less than I have the previous ones- big brother and sister keep me otherwise occupied! But physically I feel good- I'm hungry a lot and still get tired pretty easy, but that's life! My belly is starting to be noticeable because people are saying things like, "wow- look at that belly!" I remind myself it's a baby!!It's supposed to look like this! ;) I still find it amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring and humbling when I think of the miracle God is performing in me right now, shaping and forming this precious child. I thank Him for His goodness and mercy everyday!