Friday, January 18, 2013

Cool and Clear on 'Daddy's Farm'

December 27, 2012
A carload of Hipps were supposed to leave on Thursday after Christmas, but Wednesday was cold and rainy, so we had to wait to do our boat day on Thursday, and they were able to change their plans to stay an extra day and boat with us. Unfortunately, by then our fever virus had already taken down Heather, so she and Jonathan stayed back and rested. 
It was a cool day- for Tampa!- but so beautiful, sunny and clear, so once you put on an extra layer it was perfect for being out on the water! We boated over to Beer Can Island, last seen at last year's Gasparilla, and most of us dinghied ashore to explore, while Grammie graciously stayed on the boat with napping Rosemary. We replenished our shell collection- and my beach pictures collection! ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Park Play

December 24, 2012
While the Hipps were here, we headed out to Ballast Point Park for a day of play. It drizzled on us a little bit, but we didn't let that dampen our fun! I tell ya- having six extra adults at the park with me makes the whole experience so much nicer!! Between all of us, we could almost keep up with my three monkeys! ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Gingerbread Train

December 26, 2012
Larry knows I like a good gingerbread project during Christmas, so he picked up this kit for us to do. Really, the truth is I like to do it without the kids- I know that sounds a bit terrible. But they just put stuff everywhere! Lucky for me- my kids have short attention spans! ;) Heather, Jonathan, Tyler and I got to do most of the decorating ourselves- I think it turned out so cute!!

 And- Rosemary figured out it wasn't just cute- but yummy too! I kept catching her sneaking gumdrops off when no one was around... ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Morning, 2012

 Is it really the middle of January already?!? Yikes! Well, here's a little look back at our Christmas morning... I still remember the fun, smiles and laughter! And- I'll admit- I miss our Christmas tree. The living room just looks empty without it. But our neighbors behind us still have their gigantic 20-foot tree up which we can see out the back window- so I can get my fix! ;) Hope you also are still savoring the joy from your Christmas celebration!
First peek at the presents! Ready, set, GO... ;)

Scooters! Oh yea!! These kids have been scootering it up ever since! 

Santa brought Rosemary her own chair! (So she'll stop kicking the big kids out of theirs!! She's a bit of a little bully...)

"I got it!" She was not shy about opening presents. And it was so helpful to have so many elves in the room to help unleash the toys from their boxes as they were opened!

The best gift of all- little smiles in a box!! :)

Thank you to Uncle T, Uncle Jon, Uncle Michael and Aunt Heather for being with us for Christmas morning! It was so so awesome to share it with all of you- AND all four grandparents!! What a blessed family we are!!

Merry Christmas Papa and Nana!
Merry Christmas Uncle Michael, Grammie and Grandad!
Hmmm, which 'stach in most realistic? Lincoln's, maybe?? ;)

"Ummm- who are you? And where's my daddy?"
 Over at Grammie and Grandad's house, Santa had brought a BIG gift for the yard! Monkey bars, slide, swings- oh my!! The kids have been loving the new 'Bush Park... :)

I don't even know why I try to do family pictures sometimes... I promise this was the best one- sorry Georgia! And, actually, I totally give her a pass- about an hour after the below picture in front of the nice fire, she was passed out on the couch, burning up with fever, looking miserable, while the rest of us enjoyed Christmas dinner! She even missed the final wave of present-opening. Poor thing- it stinks to be sick on Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all- a fever-free night!!