Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Hipps "Rescue" Halloween!

This year for Halloween, we were all about the Few, the Strong and the Brave.... wait- no that's the Marines. (Or something like that!) And Linc went running down the driveway after a Halloween decoration "howled" at him. Though, I guess three does count as "Few". :) 
Actually- this year for Halloween, Mommy got smart and got some costumes that will be played with as dress up all year! And, while they are still young enough to influence their choices, I could dress them as a matching group- the Firefighters and the Fire Pup. I know soon enough they'll only want to be superheros and princesses!! Even Rosemary's costume is reusable- instead of painting the Dalmatian dots on her white pants and shirt, I cut out "spots" from black duct tape so they'll remove easily. Smart mommy! 
They loved it- they were cute- and they were reflective! And, yes- we even had a firetruck for Rosemary to ride in! ;)

There is a ton of kids in and around our neighborhood- and they all come out at Halloween! One neighbor orders a bunch of pizzas and we tailgate in their driveway, while the kids' anticipation and excitement for trick or treating builds into a sugar-crazed frenzy. Then we set them loose as a herd on all of our other neighbors! :)

And- now- we have MORE candy in our house than we EVER needed! (And mommy has already eaten her fair share just getting this blog post done! I'd say don't tell the kids, but there's so much there, they'll never notice!!)

Hope your Halloween was Spook-tacular! :)