Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cowgirl Georgia

Georgia's school put on an end of the year musical called "Go West". She performed a couple of songs with the other Kindergarteners, but really enjoyed dressing up in boots and a hat! Of course- she is an Alabama girl by birth... ;)
Do you hear the cowboys calling?
Yee Haw little doggies!!
Lincoln, Rosemary and Daddy enjoying the show
In full costume!
Our cute cowgirl!!

Georgia's Kindergarten Awards and Last Day

(From June 5th & 7th)
At the end of the school year, Georgia's school presented awards. Georgia received two: obtaining Honor Roll all 4 quarters, and being an "Outstanding Citizen" all 4 quarters. We were so proud! Lincoln, Rosemary and I went to her classroom to see her receive them:

Her teachers were very proud too- Ms. Buell and Mr. Morrow!
We were also very proud when we received her final report card two days later, on her last day of school, and saw she had earned all "E's" for her final quarter (E: Excellent)! She worked hard this year, was a sweet, obediant girl who got almost all "green lights" for her classroom behavior, and was a friend to all in her class. She made huge strides in her reading and writing, but her favorite subject is still math. The numbers seem to come easily to her, at least at this level! She did very well this Kindergarten year, and we are very proud of her!

 Georgia's first day of Kindergarten:

Georgia's last day of Kindergarten:
I love how this picture shows how much they ALL grew up this year!! Or- maybe I don't love it so much... my babies are getting so big!!
A sweet ice cream treat to celebrate the last day- and start out our summer!
A new year, a new school... many new adventures await in First Grade, starting in just a couple of weeks!! I can't believe the summer is almost over, but we're excited for what lies ahead!

Lincoln's Last Day of his First Year

(From May 31st....)
Today was (for those that didn't read the title ;)... Lincoln's last day of his first year of school!
First Day of PreK-3:

Last day of PreK3:

He had an amazing year and really loved his teachers, Ms. Brittany, Ms. Amanda, and Ms. Phyllis. John Max was his best friend, though he played really well with all the kids in his sweet little class. He learned to write his alphabet, got really good at writing his name, memorized his address- and most of his classmates addresses! We've realized he has a very good memory (much better than mommy's!!), so when his classmates would recite their addresses to Ms Brittany, he was also memorizing them! So funny to hear him rattle them off at home... :) He had so many special experiences, great learning moments and fun adventures this past year!!

His teacher's loved their special gifts- cute aprons with the kids' handprints!

Some of the buddies...
I think Rosemary really thought she was part of his class this year, since we got to come to many of their fun events. She was right at home in his classroom! She was one of many younger siblings of the class, so maybe I'll get to be with this great group of moms again! Ms. Paige certainly knows how to talk Rosemary's language... ;)
Lincoln didn't really understand what "last day" meant, and was upset several days later when he realized that meant Ms. Brittany wouldn't be his teacher again- so I'm glad he finally gave in to her goodbye kisses!
Snuggling in the reading nook with little sis!
Q: "What are you most excited about for Summer?"
Lincoln: "going to (Grammie's) house and doing cannonballs!!"

He's certainly had lots of practice doing cannonballs this summer! Looking forward to another great school year- starting soon!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Moore Godparents

We were honored to again be asked by Emily and Franklin to stand as godparents to their daughter- this time to the newest blessing, Harper. What a special privilege to stand as Christ's witnesses to both of their precious girls! We had the service at their and my parent's church on Sunday, July 7th, and then enjoyed hosting everyone at our house for lunch afterward.

The godparents and the Moore's
Our precious goddaughter, Harper Caroline! We love you, little one, and will be praying for you!

I think Rosemary fully stands by Daddy's declaration that SHE is the last baby in our family!

Getting some sweet smiles for Grandma and bis sis Addison!

I love that God has given Addie a sweet little sister to grow up with- what a special thing for them to have each other! 
At our house, it was great to have all the kids gathered around the table again- they were cracking themselves (and only themselves!) up with their knock-knock jokes!

And the guest of honor slept on thru most of it! Sweet dreams, little Harper!

StarSpangled Beach

On Friday, July 5th, we had a beach day with Emily, Franklin and Addison. It was a beautiful day- sunny, warm, good breeze, inviting water. My kids modeled their new swimsuits adorably for me, so I got plenty of pictures- of course!! ;)

... I love this one bc I think it looks like they are in a music video and Georgia is the lead singer while Linc and RR do backup... ;)
Then they were oh-so-happy to oblige mommy by us taking yet one more picture together...

They spent the rest of the time enjoying the beach- Addie and Rosemary played in the sand, Lincoln dug holes and jumped waves, Georgia collected seaweed for her seaweed castle and spent most of the time in the water, little mermaid that she is!

For some reason Rosemary decided she needed a hat, so wore this bucket on her head for awhile... maybe all the sun was getting to her! ;)