Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebrating Rosemary's 1st Birthday

I had planned a fun-filled birthday-celebrating weekend for little Miss Rosemary, to celebrate my sweet little baby turning ONE... but, turns out, she was even less thrilled than I was about her reaching this milestone so quickly! Of course I have a TON of pictures (of course!)- so I won't waste any more room with words and just tell you about it along with the (many!!) pictures... {Are you properly warned about how many pictures?!}

Saturday, June 16th
All dressed up for the big day- thank you Phelps for the adorable bday outfit! :)

That night, after Daddy got home from class, we had a little celebration with just our family. Kind of a "warm-up"...
We quickly realized...
How this was going to go...
She wanted absolutely nothing to do with that cupcake! Even when I put some frosting on her mouth to taste it- she just got more mad!
She was NOT interested in frosting, cupcakes, or (I think!) turning ONE! ;)

Sunday, June 17th
Grandad and Daddy graciously shared their Father's Day celebration with Rosemary and we did a little cake and feasting at Grammie and Grandad's house.
Playing with some super-sweet guys, Buddy-dog and Michael Boady (6 mo).
Rosemary got to wear the same sweet dress Georgia wore for her first birthday!
(Except I think I ironed it the first time- sorry, 3rd child! ;)
The kiddos (and, lets face it, the adults too!) thought it was a great idea to do cake BEFORE dinner! ;)
She was all smiles to her family and friends...
Loving the attention, the balloons, being outside...
"Cheesin" to the camera...
Waving to her fans...
Dancing to the tune of "Happy Birthday"...
And then- there was a cake in front of her...
A cake with sticky frosting...
And we put a hat on her... but she was more upset about that cake!
And we tried giving her a toy to go with the cake... and a spoon to go with the cake...
But giant crocodile tears ensued... and some loud protesting...
Until Mommy finally put down the camera and rescued her from that cake.
And the crocodile tears immediately stopped. 
Except she was in such a rush to get away from that cake that she stepped in it- "that's what I think of YOU, cake!"
So while the birthday girl got her sweet little tootsies hosed off...
Everyone that appreciates cake got some! :)
And appreciate it they did!
Every last crumb!!
And the birthday girl forgave us for trying to get her to eat cake! And she smiled again! And decided maybe she could get used to being ONE! (though her mommy still can't believe it!)
And we took home an entire smash cake- with a footprint in it!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Rosemary!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy FIRST Birthday to Rosemary!!! 
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful Beach Baby

I can still call her a "baby" since she has not turned one.. for two more days! And, as my mom still says, she'll always be my baby!! And, really, it should be babies- because they all three love the beach, and all three will always be my babies! In our recent day trip over to Pass A Grill, we had so much fun. Rosemary did great just chillin on the blanket under the umbrella for a long time, staying busy putting shells IN and OUT of a bucket. Then she wanted IN the water! She is such a water baby! In the pictures in the water with Grammie and Grandad below, what you can't see is her little legs just kick-kickin under the water in excitement! And she loves to just sit at the shoreline and let the water come up and splash her, as she watches big sister and brother run around. Truly a beach baby!

This picture was so sweet because big brother is rescuing her- she stood there so long her little feet sunk in the sand and she couldn't lift them out- so Lincoln is digging her feet out of the sand. Then he gave her a kiss and ran off again!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lincoln's "Grandpa"

I guess Georgia was about this age when she introduced "Banana Daughter" to us- her first imaginary friend. Banana Daughter is still around, but now there are multiple Banana Daughters, and Banana Daughter babies and Banana Daughter mommies, and Banana Daughter friends and a Banana Daughter house and school- she has been fruitful and multiplied!
In the same manner, Lincoln now has his "Grandpa". Grandpa actually came around soon after my dad left on his latest boat trip, when he was cruising around the FL Keys for several months. We don't know if that's what triggered Lincoln's Grandpa- kinda a Grandad substitute, or if he was just ready to have his own "friend" so he didn't have to always play with all the Banana Daughters. I think it was a combo of the two circumstances.
Grandpa has stuck around, even though Grandad is back, and Grandpa basically gets to do all the things Lincoln doesn't get to do, or the outrageous things that even a 3-year old wouldn't do. And we get to hear about it all day long...
"My Grandpa's favorite cake is worm cake. He eats worms. And spiders."
"My Grandpa doesn't ever take a nap. He plays all day long."
"My Grandpa gets to eat ice cream even when he didn't eat ANY of his dinner."
"My Grandpa is sleeping on the roof" (Oh- isn't he afraid he'll fall off?) "No, he has sticky shoes. To help him climb up. So he sleeps up there all night long."
"My Grandpa has special pj's. They can turn into a bulldozer, a car, anything."
"My Grandpa has a special golden fan that is Gold. And it has a booby trap in it. My Grandpa's Grandma (Grandpa has people too!) fell into the booby trap and got stuck in some sticky mud. And she's still stuck in there."

As I was giving Lincoln his final goodnight hugs and kisses one night, he had one final thing he HAD to tell me:
"Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy... (this is how most conversations start around here!)
"My Grandpa, in his toolbox, he had a big screwdriver. And he put the screw in the wall and screwed it all the way in, and put the wall up. And he made a big hole in the wall. And in the big hole, there was a worm. And my Grandpa- he ate it ! Yep. He ate the worm. That's what he did, ate that worm."
(He looks at me with that mischievous twinkle in his eye)
"That's what he did, Mommy."

Oh, that Grandpa....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleepy Head Syndrome strikes again!

Apparently, this syndrome is affecting kids younger and younger, and runs in the family... 

(Rosemary, 11 Months)

I've certainly seen it before around here. I think it's what my kids do to avoid eating...
(Lincoln ~ 15 Months)

Maybe if your kids aren't bored to sleep by eating, this syndrome can be avoided. But beware- it may be coming to a high chair near you! ;)
(Georgia, ~18 Months)