Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013: Bat-Hipps

We went all-Batman for our Halloween costumes this year... the hot pink batgirl costumes finally sold it to Georgia! Lincoln was sold at first glance when he saw that the Batman emblem on his costume lit up! ;) They all looked great and had a great time being dressed up together!

After pictures, they were ready to get out there and get some candy! Rosemary was totally into it this year, and so cute. She would go charging after the big kids yelling, "treat or treat"!! She wanted to carry her own bag and pick out her own candy from the bowls. She was usually about half a driveway- or more- behind, but they were usually good to wait for her before moving to the next house. She loved it- and is now going to be wanting a taste of all her hard-earned loot!

The problem with having three trick-or-treaters is we now have three times the candy!! I hope Bat-mom and Bat-dad are able to leave some for the Bat-kids!! ;)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jack O' Lanterns

We waited to do our pumpkin carving till the weekend before Halloween this year, hoping that would keep them from rotting out before Halloween night. We were WRONG! Ew, ew, ew!!! Carving pumpkins has always been a tradition I refused to break, but after cleaning up two liquified, smelly, fly-infested pumpkin corpses, I may change my mind on that tradition next year!! Painted pumpkins are sounding like a great idea! ;)
But the carving itself is always fun. I had picked up a carving kit and the big kids each picked out a design. They were definitely more involved than our usual triangle eyes and toothy smile, but the carving kit and stencil made it pretty easy to accomplish. A big thanks to Grammie and Grandad for their help, and to Daddy for grilling us some wings while we carved! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat

The Sunday before Halloween we had a little trick-or-treating preview at a Trunk or Treat with some of our friends. It was a great way to try out our costumes, warm up our trick or treating pleas, and get a few treats with sweet friends!

Top Row, R to L: Bradford (3), Annie (2), Noah (3), Elijah (2), Moses (11mo)
Bottom Row, R to L: Rosemary (2), Georgia (6), Nora (2), Lincoln (4), Oliver (3)
not pictured: Henry (4mo)