Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So much to be thankful for this year! The Lord has blessed us in so many ways and we continue to be humbled by His goodness to us. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends. We packed up all our food and kid gear and headed 2.5 hours north to my parent's house on the Suwanee River, north of Gainesville, FL.
We ate continuously, then ate some more, from big full yummy breakfasts of sausage gravy & biscuits and homemade quiche, to big dinners with turkey, ham, pork, casseroles, veggies, and into the night with pies, lemon bars and birthday cakes.

We partied all weekend- Thursday morning we showered my cousin Emily and her baby Kylie, due mid-March 2010, and enjoyed girl time and catching up. Friday we decked out in pink to honor Grandma Gert on her 90th birthday- pink for her favorite color and for breast cancer awareness in honor of her recent, very successful mastectomy. And Friday afternoon we tried to cheer Auburn thru a closer game than expected against Alabama, but it was not meant to be... Saturday we kept on strong and celebrated early for Lincoln's 1st birthday with our family. I made him a Bulldozer cake, which he was not interested in, and we got him a big bulldozer and big yellow dump truck, which he WAS interested in! (Pics in separate post)
And we gave thanks, for being together, for the beautiful setting and cool weather, for health and life and love, and God's great mercies! Hope you had a special time of Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Georgia loved having room to run, play and explore...

Lincoln did not have much fun- he had high fevers (highest-104.1!) starting Wed night and we finally took him to an emergency clinic on Friday. Diagnosis: ear infection and some kind of virus. Got an Rx and fever started coming down, but baby boy & mommy had very restless nights all weekend! (As did everyone else as the river house isn't very big!) Although it looks like he's sleeping great in these pictures, doesn't it!?

We brought the Jeep and the kids had a blast zooming around! Lincoln can't wait till he can reach the pedals and be in the driver's seat! (Especially since Sister still isn't very good at steering!)

Morgan & Buddy did not get left out of the Thanksgiving fun!

Nana's Thanksgiving Visit

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! It really started last Sunday when Larry's mom, Diane, came down to Tampa to be with us for the week. It was awesome to have her here! We were glad she gave up her fear of flying to come down and see us! The kids ate up the extra attention and she was glad to dole it out, which was a great help in such a busy week.
Monday we went to the zoo... Georiga got over her fear of the giraffes from when one tried to eat her last time we were there. This time she even fed them some giraffe crackers and convinced Nana that her and Lincoln each needed to bring one home!

The rest of the week was full of baking, cooking, eating, partying, and relaxing. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend at my parent's house on the Sawanee River (north of Gainesville, FL)- more Thanksgiving blogging to come, but here are some special moments with Nana!

Friday, November 20, 2009

G & L

I tried to get a bit creative recently- made these cute shirts for the kiddos, without a sewing machine, I might add! I cut my fabric and a Stitch Witch sheet (who knew it came in sheets?) in the same shape and ironed- the stitch witch just fuses the fabric to the shirt. I also used a "no-fray" liquid around the edge of the fabric, so it wouldn't just unravel in the wash. They certainly aren't perfect or professional, but considering how many times they'll get the wear them, especially since the Fall season is so short down here, it was a quick and easy way to make some custom shirts! And I know I'm biased, but don't they look adorable together... :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're all Animals

Last week we got to enjoy a family trip to the Tampa's Lowry Park zoo! It was a beautiful day- the coolest it is getting down here is still in the mid-70s, and we had a blast walking around & visiting the animals together.

The giraffes were out of control! You could go up to a viewing platform to feed them, and boy- they must be hungry! One giraffe almost licked Larry's phone right out of his hand. They were a bit aggressive- I think Georgia may be scared of giraffes forever after that encounter!
Look how big this giraffe is next to Lincoln in the stroller...
This one wanted to eat that little boy for his snack!
Seriously- have you ever been THIS close to a giraffe? You really don't want to.

Georgia got to know some penguins...
We said hi to the Gators for Grammie & Grandad...
and even got to pet the goats... this one is smiling for the camera!

I could definitely sympathize with some of the mommy animals. I knew exactly how this momma felt with a baby tucked in tight under her arm all day...

And how this momma felt with a little one trailing on the back of her hoofs every step...

Except for these beautiful big cats- how I'd love to lay around like that for just one day! I guess these must be the Daddy Tigers! ;)