Friday, December 14, 2007

A Phelps Christmas

Last night we had Christmas with Matt & Sandy Phelps, some good friends of ours, and Georgia's honorary "aunt and uncle". We had a great dinner and had fun hanging out, but the best part was watching Georgia open her first Christmas present! At first I think she thought the box WAS the present, which she was just fine with- she was enjoying climbing over it! Then we showed her how to rip the paper off- wow! that's fun too!! And THEN- there was a super fun hippo push cart inside! Watch out- here she goes!!! (see video below)

Thanks for a great time last night, Phelps, and for the great presents- we'll take you up on the babysitting for our date soon! Thanks for ALL you guys have done for us this past year, and being special friends!


The Phelps said...

The pictures and the video are GREAT. We had a great time, too!

Misty said...
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aucindy said...

Just saw the video and loved seeing and hearing all 4 of you with Georgia. I'm so glad she liked the Hippo cart.

Cindy Estes

Misty said...

Georgia is SO CUTE that I just had to add you to my blog! What a great idea Sandy had with the hippo pushing cart!
Sandy's sister,
Misty :)

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest little toy. I wish she could bring all of these toys with her so we can see them. Geuss you guys just need to keep posting video's and I need to watch the site daily!!!love Grammie