Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Last night we got to join Matt & Sandy at Hunter Street church's Trunk or Treat. They sure had a great turnout! It was jam-packed with princesses, super-heros, football players, and other characters, and there was a parking-lot-full of trunks to visit, all decorated in a different theme. Georgia was a little intimidated at first, but she only had to hear "You're the cutest pumpkin ever!" a few times and drop the first handful of candy in her bucket to find her true Halloween confidence. Soon she was running ahead (but still w/in arm's reach!) of Sandy & me to get to the next trunk for some treats. And the ones that just had a big bucket of candy open on the ground were in trouble- as the kids came up to them the adults would say "Pick one!", but Georgia doesn't know what ONE means, so she'd quickly grab a handful (it's amazing how much fits in one little hand!) and be reaching for another handful before we could blink! Her favorite trunk, though, was the one with the bubble machine and rock band. She was totally digging it until she got blasted from the fog machine- from then on she partied a little more cautiously!
Thanks for sharing the fun, Phelps!
This little pumpkin loves bubbles!
Pumpkin love for Sandy, Matt & Mommy!


The Phelps said...

Great pictures! We had a lot of fun with all three of you last night. I may steal a few of these pictures to add to our blog! See you this weekend for GA's Halloween part 2!
The Phelps

Us said...

You are the cutest pumpkin I've seen! Rollins loves pumpkins and can't wait to see you tomorrow!