Friday, June 18, 2010

Cutting Off the Baby

I am, once again, way behind on posting- everything from being godparents, to an awesome beach trip, to the wedding of the year... but I'm hoping some cute pics of Lincoln will keep you entertained till I get my act together! :)

So I tried once before to give Lincoln his first hair cut... it didn't go so well. Yes, I got it off his ears- my ultimate goal, but that's all I accomplished. Two quick snips per side. And that was with a roomful of people trying to entertain him, and one Grandad helping hold his head. After that experience, I have not been quick to get him back in the barber's chair. And he has beautiful, whispy, white-blonde locks- he was such a cute surfer-baby, why would I want to give that up? But then, last weekend, when three seperate people asked us about our baby GIRL, Larry insisted it was time for the cut!
Now he looks like such a big boy! We put him in that barber chair, and they cut all the babyness right off him!! The actual cutting went fine, thanks to fruit snacks and daddy's iPhone, and a lady with a quick cutting hand, and I just kept my focus on taking pictures, you know... just in case the waterworks were to flow! Here's a look at Lincoln's transition into boyhood, right in front of our eyes:
Big sis was just happy it wasn't her- still haven't done her first cut. I think she's actually saying "nanny nanny boo boo" here! ;)

So, maybe it was a little long and shaggy- I promise he has ears under there!

Checking out some styling products for his long mane...
It looked even better wet, stretching a full 2 inches over his collar! Doesn't he look thrilled about all this?

Here we go... lets move quick, people!

He stayed pretty entertained with his fruit snacks for a little while...

although he kept trying to bat away her hand when she pulled his hair up!

That's when we brought out Carl on daddy's iPhone. What did we do without iPhones??
He's trying to comb Carl's hair... Carl could actually use a little trim himself!

And here's our Big Boy, all freshly cut and so grown up looking! (And looking a little stunned at what just happened!)
"Whadda ya think, mom- am I ready for GQ??"
(side note- why didn't anyone tell me I put "QG" instead of GQ? O0ps- now fixed- thanks Jen!)


The Phelps said...

Wow! What a difference. It looks great! I need to get Logan's cut again to FIX my trying to do it!

JACLYN said...

LOVE the last pic. Is he posing for a modeling ad? HHMMM!!!! Big difference with a haircut, so very handsome. What a little stud muffin!!!! Georgia OMG girl you are growing up so fast, into such a beautiful little girl. Every picture I see of you, your little face changes looking more like mommy and daddy. LOVE you both SO SO SO MUCH AND MISS YOU BOTH!!!

Katie said...

VERY handsome indeed!