Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bare Bottom Beach

Just a funny story to share:
Larry, my dad & a bunch of guys are out on a "fishing" trip this weekend (quotations there b/c they usually don't come home with (m)any fish), so mom & I took the kids to the beach today. And all my camera batteries were dead so the above pics are from my phone- sorry for the quality...
(just get to the story already!)
SO- we were getting ready to leave the beach and I wanted to make sure Georgia wouldn't have to potty on the drive home, so I told her to quietly go out in the waves a ways and go tee tee. (you know you all pee in the ocean- don't judge!!) I was back at the shoreline making sure Lincoln didn't follow her- don't want to be too close in a time like that- when I heard her say "here, mommy!". I looked up and she'd gone a few strides into the waves, was squatting down... and holding her bathing suit bottom over her head! She thought she had to take them off like when you go on the potty! And before I could get to her she said "all done", and came striding out of the water towards me, bare bottomed! :)
At least we didn't have to worry about a potty break on the drive home!

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