Monday, November 1, 2010

Curious Georgia & The Boy with the Yellow Hat

We took our Halloween ideas right off the pages of our favorite bedtime stories- Curious George. Lincoln and Georgia both love to hear about the adventures and mishaps of one silly little monkey and his friend, the Man with the yellow hat. The kids had fun dressing up and even more fun collecting candy. By the end of the night when the candy bowl would be offered out to them at a house, they were grabbing handfuls like little candy monsters! A little embarrassing to mommy, but all in the fun of Halloween!
Lincoln's hat was a little big so we had to turn it sideways, or it would fall over his eyes! Daddy was not too pleased his boy was walking around in a "sparkly hat" all night- but it was yellow! ;) I particularly liked Lincoln's "boots" (daddy's socks folded over)!

Hope you had a fun Halloween!


Anonymous said...

They were so cute and had so much fun!! Enjoy these precious years! Georgia's costume was adorable and I still can't believe cute little Linc wore Larry's socks as his boots!! Great job getting these posted so quick and Grammie was so glad to be able to go with you all last night!! Hugs

JACLYN said...