Friday, April 15, 2011

Lincoln's Big Boy Business

Well, if you were expecting wedding pictures next from Wes & Jen's wedding, sorry to disappoint! They're coming- as soon as I can pick some favorites out of the 300+ I have! And- we've been busy taking care of other business...
Yep- Lincoln is potty-training. We're a week in. It's going. Not awesomely, but not too bad either. Not quite as smooth a transition as Georgia had, but truthfully, I haven't been giving it the time and attention I was able to give her during this process. We're just on the go more, so I've been relying a bit on Pullups for when we're out, which I never did with her bc I feel like they can be a total crutch- they're just too much like diapers. But I've been too chicken to take Linc out without them! But only when we're out- he's been bare-bottom at home. He does great if I ask him lots, make him try lots, etc, but he hasn't quite caught on to telling me before he has to go.
We tried a sticker chart for incentive, but that really isn't his thing, so we're using candy- thankfully there are lots of jellybeans in stores now!
So we've just been hanging out when we can (I guess literally when potty training a boy!- sorry for that bad pun! ;), drinking lots of juice, eating popsicles, watching Monkey, playing outside... trying to learn this big boy lesson!
I'm proud of how well he's done and know that I am the one that needs to buckle down on this a little more and help him learn it. As daddy keeps reminding us- only 9 more weeks till baby sister comes and she gets the diaper money! :)

Pray for our sanity! We'll let you know how it all turns out! ;)


Anonymous said...

I think he's doing great esp when you consider how much time you're spending in the car and in public! Bring his big boy panties to grammies this weekend and tonite and we will keep him bare or in them! I'm sure he'll be fine before baby sister about those wedding bout a few from your camera so I can forward them....hugs! Grammie

Anonymous said...

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