Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week Three with Rosemary

Rosemary is three weeks old today... I'm caught somewhere in the middle of:
Three weeks already?! Where is the time going?? and
Only three weeks?! It seems like she's always been here!
Remember the blog post about our little family of four? How soon we wouldn't even remember what life was like BBS (Before Baby Sister)? I think we're already entering into that time. I think it's because my days focus so much on her- feeding, changing, holding, sleeping... We're definitely not doing much else around here.
She's a little thumb-sucker! We gave the other 2 kids a paci right from the start, but we haven't even really given it to her yet, just b/c it hasn't been needed. We'll see where we go from here on this...
Fingers work too, when you can't find your thumb!

The two big kids (it's kinda weird that I can all them the "big kids" now!) are thankfully putting up with this new daily grind pretty well. We spend a lot of time just playing- I recently saw the quote "Imagination is the child of boredom" and it definitely fits our days right now! They get bored- I tell them to go play- and then they off are building roads across the living room out of blocks, and setting up a doctor's office with the Mr. Potato Heads, and "building" a dog house under the dining room table with Lincoln's tools. If you've been around a 2 & 4 year old, you can imagine the kind of mess these games create, but we're just rolling with it!
Grammie also brought over a fun surprise- an inflatable pool that's just big enough to splash, kick, and roll around in during these hot summer days!

BabyRosemary (as Lincoln calls her, like it's one word) is doing great, and starting to have more awake time a couple of times a day, which is fun. The kids get very excited when they see her eyes open- that's how rare it's been these first few weeks! She's earned her nickname "The Snoozer"! She's a very laid-back baby- so far- and we're grateful. Who knows how long it will last!! We know she'll enter the chaos at full volume at some point!

She certainly does love her daddy- he is by far her favorite snoozin spot!
It's amazing how quickly babies grow and change in these early days. We already feel like she's growing out of the newborn days into "baby-ness". She still doesn't "do" much- and I try to soak that in every day! Since these days of having an "itty-bitty" around are already passing by, I try to fully absorb every minute! And she is happy to oblige me, just being her beautiful little self and lying content in my arms. Ahhhh- sweet baby love!!!

More thumb love!

Rosemary, 2-3 Weeks Old


Anonymous said...

She is so very precious and truly hs already left that newborn look behind! I can't believe what she is sleeping thru as Georgia and Lincoln play, but she just sleeps and sleeps! I agree that is as if she's been here forever and I can't remember the days of the Hipp family of 4! You and Larry are such wonderful parents and all 3 kids are such a blessing to us all! Love and snuggles! Grammie

The Phelps said...

Sweet pictures and a great update! We can't wait to meet her!