Saturday, December 24, 2011

And the children are nestled, all snug in their beds...

.... while mommy catches up on blogging, a to-do list running thru her head! ;)
(I have several blogs that I am behind on- updates, ballet recital, graduation, etc... but I've decided they'll just have to wait till after the excitement of the holidays!!)

Happy Christmas Eve! Our children are nestled and (finally) asleep, Santa's milk and cookies are out and ready, the tree is brimming with gifts for all, and we are filled with excitement of celebrating Jesus's birthday with some celebration tomorrow! Here's a special preview with our Christmas Eve:
All dressed up for Christmas Eve service at church- so sweet!

After we got home from church, ate dinner, had baths and got in our Christmas pi's, the kids got to open one special gift. I got this idea from a friend- one special ornament for each kid symbolizing something special about them that year. They can collect them each year and share them on their own family tree one day. 
Georgia's ornament was a pink princess, of course, since this was THE year of the princess for her!
Lincoln got a red truck (bc I couldn't find a car!) because he's obsessed with all cars, trucks, etc!
Rosemary got a sweet "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament of a pink stocking! 
After our ornaments, we got out Santa's cookies...
Lincoln made sure he would like them! Georgia wouldn't think of breaking a rule like that! :)
We laid out the cookies next to the kids picture with Santa from meeting him at the mall on Friday. Georgia wrote him a note-" To Santa... Georgia", and drew a picture of a teddy bear Santa should bring for Aunt Heather! ;)
We are ready for some Christmas morning fun real soon!!

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