Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Gingerbread Train

December 26, 2012
Larry knows I like a good gingerbread project during Christmas, so he picked up this kit for us to do. Really, the truth is I like to do it without the kids- I know that sounds a bit terrible. But they just put stuff everywhere! Lucky for me- my kids have short attention spans! ;) Heather, Jonathan, Tyler and I got to do most of the decorating ourselves- I think it turned out so cute!!

 And- Rosemary figured out it wasn't just cute- but yummy too! I kept catching her sneaking gumdrops off when no one was around... ;)

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Anonymous said...

Well, its almost as cute as the same train gingerbread the kids and I made w/Aunt Laura! Kinda hard to believe they were even from the same kit as ours sure didn't look like that! Glad to see RR likes some new food groups!LU Grammie