Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MBA Celebrations

Of course the whole weekend was centered not Larry's MBA, but on FOOD! ;) We enjoyed a special lunch, ran by the house to get changed, then went out on Grandad's boat for a cruise, fishing and... more food!
Lunch at The Columbia was a wonderful treat. It was a fitting choice, being from the same historic era as the school, established in 1905 and run by the same family ever since. Rosemary, Grammie, Grandad, and Uncle Wes got to join us too. After lunch, Rosemary showed us how delicious the mint candies were!
I think Georgia was about OVER taking pictures!

Congrats Daddy!! We are so proud!

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Anonymous said...

So thankful we were able to celebrate together the blessing of family success!
Love Grammiw