Thursday, April 3, 2014

Georgia's 7th Birthday Celebration

We had a sweet time celebrating Georgia's 7th birthday with pizza and cake at Grammie and Grandad's house on Monday night. She loved all the pink decorations Grammie had put up, the party hats Rosemary picked out, and -of course- presents!! :)

Present time!!
Cuties!! Impossible to get them all standing still... 
Grammie and Linc share a snuggle!

Playing her new Princess board game from Ms. Dede, with Ms. Dede!
"Happy Birthday to you...." and blowing out the candles- with a little help!

"Yes, Uncle Wes, I really am SEVEN!!"

With each birthday, I can't believe how big, how grown-up, how much older my baby has gotten... I really don't think God meant for our children's lives to fly by so quick!! But this has been a great year for Georgia, and we are so pleased with all she is doing, learning, and the girl she is becoming. We are told by all what a genuine sweetheart she is, and we are so proud of her kind, generous, loving heart. She is a true blessing to our family!

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I never understand why there are no comments on hipps pace. Wonder if it's because everyone is on FB ? I will write on it more in the days ahead I'm sure!