Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrating El Nino's 3rd!

Monday, June 16th
On Monday morning (June 16th- I'm a little behind- as usual!) we all gave Rosemary big hugs and wished her Happy Birthday! Her response was the same to us all- "It's not my bir-day... my bur-day June 16th!" I guess after talking about it for weeks, she wasn't ready for it to actually happen! Later we headed to the store to get some birthday cupcakes. She picked out little vanilla ones where the frosting looked like a star. After that she was VERY excited about it being her "bur-day"!!
Finally after daddy got home it was time- star cupcakes and presents! Even though I'm so sad to see my baby growing up, I'm glad she decided to have a birthday!! :)

Making birthday wishes!

Yea for presents!!

"Oooo- my Barbie!!!"
Big sis reading Rosemary's birthday card to her! :)

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Anonymous said...

How did that angel grow up so fast ? Look out Georgia as we're sending you a real peach!
Love grammie