Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Dear Georgia Kate,
You are officially a one year old, a toddler and no longer a baby, though, as my mom always says, you'll always be my baby! I can't beleive how fast a year went, and I went to sleep last night with a new picture of you in my head- a long-legged little girl with long blond pigtails and bangs, and big blue eyes. You become more that little girl and less my little baby every day!

Early birthday cupcake in FL!

~ I love that you love to laugh, & will even do this silly fake laugh over & over to make us laugh at you. You are such a happy child!

~ You are so busy & always moving- walking, running & even starting to try to climb. Your favorite game is chase, & when you're the chaser you hold your arms up & shake them, like you're trying to scare your chasee!

~ You love music & dancing. You bob your head forward & back, or dance up & down to any tune- the radio, a tv commercial, a singing toy, or -your favorite- American Idol!

~ You are learning so quickly & love to figure things out. You like to take things apart & I can tell already that "why?" will one day be your favorite question! Although, sometimes you're a bit destructive in your curiosity!

~ You're still a picky eater, but what you're eating most right now is: mac n cheese, bananas, dried blueberriers, strawberries, cheese, crackers &, of course, cheerios. You also went cold-turkey on bottles to drinking only out of a sippy-cup, & you drink whole milk or water.

Birthday chocolate cream pie with mommy & daddy!

~ You talk all the time, but still refuse to use the words daddy & I are trying to teach you. "Ba" remains the only name you'll call!

~ I think you're part mermaid because you love the water- your baths, the pool, &, recently, the ocean. Even washing hands is a splashing adventure! This summer will be fun!

~ I love that you're fearless & tough. You always go for the glory, & shake off bumps & falls to try again. Nothing stops you from getting what you want! Keep going after your dreams & don't ever be afraid of big steps!

Daddy & I continue to be amazed by you & grow daily in our love for you. Thank you for being such a sweet & happy girl, and giving us an amazing year. We love you so much and continue to pray that the Lord will guide us in being your parents! love, mommy


Michelle and Jeremy said...

that girl has some awesome dance moves!

Us said...

Happy Birthday, Georgia! You really have changed since I first met you a year ago! I can't wait to see you on Saturday. Love your friend,

Anonymous said...

Georgia- I love that you're so strong minded...it should make your teenage years fun to watch! I also love that God has blessed you with wonderful parents who are raising you in the Lord. You are fearless and certainly loved the beach, pool and Grammie's bathtub! We look forward to watching you grow and make this world a better place for all God's children!