Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Full Morning

Georgia has recently dropped her morning nap, a traumatic experience for any mom. It works well for her as she now takes a great 2.5-3 hour nap in the afternoon, but now I must find plenty of activities to keep us going all morning. The hardest days are those we stick around the house and I have to find stuff to keep her busy here. Today we tried a new craft- fingerpainting! The weather has been very mellow and nice so we went outside to make our mess...
Georgia creates art!

Is this fingerpaint, or facepaint?

Yuck- you didn't tell me it would get all over me!

A nice bubble bath is perfect after painting!

Truth be told, she didn't really care for all that paint on her fingers, and was done and more than willing to clean up after just a few minutes. So much for painting the morning away! And this is how I found her after cleaning up her bath... (If you can't read the computer screen, it's on an ad for a Baby Sale at Old Navy!)

Forget painting, I'd rather be online shopping!


Shireen said...

Kathryn, I don't know why, but it just hit me that I can hardly believe you have a little girl whose grown up so much! I mean, look how long her legs are...she's just stretched out so tall and so beautifully! And, now, she has a brother coming to play!! :)

Praise the Lord, for all blessings flow from HIM! Amen!

Kathryn said...

Shireen, the Lord has truly blessed us with a beautiful -& tall!- daughter! She is such a joy too!

Anonymous said...

we'll have to watch her once she learns all of the passwords to get online!! She is going to be a tall, leggy blond who loves the beach!! We should get her to make our Christmas wrapping paper with her finger paints...maybe we can get blocks that she can print with and not get her dainly fingers all ucky since she is a bit of a priss! Love Grammie!