Monday, February 16, 2009

My Little Valentines

We had a fun Valentine's weekend! Grammie was in town for a visit, which made it extra-special. I thank God for my sweet little family that I love so much!! And I enjoy a day to celebrate that love. Here are some glimpses from our weekend:

Friday night, Larry & I got to treat ourselves to a special Valentine's date, with dinner & dessert at Flemings Steakhouse and going to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire, while Grammie graciously watched the kiddos.

Saturday, Grammie & I took the kids to the mall to see if there was anything we 'had to have', and she & GA rode the carousel. It was hard to catch them for a picture, so I got a little video too...

Daddy surprised GA with some Valentine's gifts- a sweet (stuffed) puppy dog, singing card and yummy, giant, pink heart lollipop. We let her attack that after dinner- she put her tongue up to it and it stayed there for the next 20 minutes, just licking & licking!!

Lincoln got a little taste too... (j/k- it was still wrapped!)

Lincoln had his own Valentine's gift ready for us- a new trick! He mastered rolling from his belly to his back this weekend! Here's a video of him, in action...

Hope you shared sweet kisses with your loved ones this weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend!!! My soul is refilled with the hope and pure joy that only little children can bring. You and Larry continue to do such a good job of balancing parenting and being in the world! Georgia broke my heart when she cried a tthe airport as I was leaving so I've gotta come up with plan B so that doesn't happen again!!! Love and hugs Grammie

Shireen said...

What a SWEEEEEEEEET :) post! :)

I LOVE Grammie's comment, too! Gosh, what an amazing Grammie!

Way to go, Lincoln for rolling over!! Yay!!!