Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love you too, little boy!

How cute is this little guy???
And he loves his mommy. (It says so on his bib!)
And I love that about him!

I especially love it when he's NOT projectile vomiting all over me at California Pizza Kitchen. That was not so fun. Thankfully, it seems to be over. And, thankfully, so far, we hope, it seems to only affect the men, big & small, in our household.
{Don't worry, we only give big hugs when vomit is NOT an issue!}


Shireen said...

WHEN was he sick? Was it the stomach bug, you think??? Vale Richie was sick, maybe stomach bug. I hope Lincoln didn't get it at our nursery.

The Phelps said...

I'm glad he's feeling better! We hope it doesn't make its way to our house! :)