Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our "New" Bernie-Dog

The spirit of the Bernman lives on...
this little guy that Larry gave Georgia for Valentines has long soft ears and likes to be cuddled, so he now has the honorary name "Bernie-Dog", and sleeps with Georgia every night!


Sony Girl said...

What a beautiful picture of Georgia! She looks sweet and innocent and has turned into a precious little girl.

Shireen said...

Hi!! I LOVE the new Bernie dog :) Probably a lot cheaper to 'feed' ;) and not so much work to clean up after??? :) I know yall miss him! :(

I LOVED getting to SEE you all last night. I missed getting to visit. :(

You look FABULOUS, Kathryn. In fact, you all do! I could rub on Lincoln's head :) all day long, and I just canNOT get over how grown up GA is! WOW!

Anonymous said...
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