Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lincoln: 11 Months

Dear Lincoln,
Another month, flown by! I am already getting sad about you turning One next month. You won't be my Baby boy much longer- so soon you'll be my Big Boy! Since I'm already late getting this out, let's get to it:

~You are off & running! You figured out how to stand up from sitting without pulling up on anything, and are moving around at top speed! We need to get you some new shoes b/c you've about worn your doggie-Robeez out running around outside in them! And you are climbing- up the stairs, on the chairs, over the ottoman, standing on your little table...just more bruises for your sweet fuzzy head!

~You cut 2 more teeth this month- the top, side ones. Not the top front two, like most kids get next, but your 2 side "fang" teeth- and just in time for Halloween! They are still growing thru, but you eat like they are big teeth- trying more finger foods and eating new things. We are giving you less formula, since you're more intrested in solid foods, and have been practicing drinking it in your sippy cup.

~You are saying new things all the time- not so many words, but you copy many of our sounds, which are like words to you! You do say- dada, gaga (Georgia), and baba for momma. I don't know why I'm "baba", but you are consistent with it! You say "ah ba" and raise your hand for high fives, "awww" for cute doggies, smack your lips for kisses, and it really sounds like you say "gan-da" for grandad!

~I am very proud of the new game you've learned- IN! If I show you where something goes IN, like all the blocks go IN the bucket, you will pick up all the blocks and put them IN! It's awesome! You're learning to clean up and you don't even know it! You take them back OUT just as fast, but if I get you to put them all IN- that's half the battle! :)
~You are defintely watching, learning and figuring things out around you. We watched you take your sippy cup to the fridge and press it up, above your head, against the door like you were trying to get water out of the dispenser! And one night you pulled a cup and straw out of the sippy cup cabinet, put the straw in the cup and walked around trying to drink out of it. You know to go to Grammie if no one else will pick you up, to pull Georgia's hair if she takes your toy, to pat the doggies on the head and give them hugs... all these little things I watch you do show me you're understanding, learning and becoming such a little boy, instead of a baby!
~We had fun on your first Halloween- you were the "Pea" to Georgia's "Princess" and you {surprisingly} wore your costume with pleasure! You liked running up the driveways with the big kids, but did not get to sample the candy! Though you've had plenty of other sweets this month- ice cream, cookies- mommy is so lax the 2nd time around! :) You also helped carve the pumpkin, put up decorations, & make Halloween cookies.
Your Fuzzy head!!

A "mommy moment" I want to put in here as I wrap up- I love how you lay your head face-down against me when you're tired and I'm putting you to bed. You just seem to crash against me, like, "Ok, I admit it- I'm tired!" You may not fit swaddled in one arm anymore, now your legs hang down to my waist, but you are still my sweet baby boy and I love every cuddle moment I get with you! I thank the Lord for your health and how He continues to grow you each month. I will continue to seek His guidance on how to best be your Mommy, and love you with His love each day! Your daddy, sister & I love you very much!
love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

grammie loves to snuggle with you and hear your little coo's and goo's. One of my favorite things is how you love to play with old dog morgan. She lies there and you pat, hug and hold her face in your hands. When she's tired of watching you crawl over her, she just gets up and walks away. Grammie knows how blessed we are to have you living here so we can all enjoy these days together. hugs!!

The Phelps said...

Great update! He is such a BIG boy! I miss that sweet little guy, and his big sister!

Michelle and Jeremy said...

love his car shirt in the post. I am glad he can still wear it!

Anonymous said...

granda loves you too--- I sympathize with you about the "Hair thing" Had it for many years buddy-- Granddad