Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grandma Gert

Grandma, me with Georgia (about 1 year) & Dad

If you think about it, please say a little prayer for my grandmother today- Gertrude, or "Grandma Gert" you can call her! She had a masectomy today, removing her right breast. Her doctors found a cancerous lump there about 2 weeks ago, and since she had a lumpectomy about a year ago, they decided they needed to do the masectomy this time and make sure to get it all. I'm not sure if she will also have to do radiation after surgery.
My grandmother is an inspiration. She still is completely independent, lives by her self in Navarre, FL (Pensacola area) 2/3 of the year and in Michigan for an extended summer-time. She dances, quilts, gardens, sings in the choir, and makes one of the best apple pies ever. Did I mention we will be celebrating her 90th Birthday at Thanksgiving!?!? :)
Pray that her body would be strong and the Lord would heal her quickly. That all of the cancer has been removed. That she will continue to feel healthy and strong, and be able to maintain her independence as long as she wants to. That we can have a special celebration with her at Thanksgiving! Thank you- from all of us! :)

Grandma explaining to my dad how she dug up and carried a wheelbarrow full of dirt around her house to fill a pot for her tomato plant in MI!
**UPDATE (11/16)**
Grandma is doing GREAT!! Thank you for all your prayers- they definitely were a blessing and have helped Grandma do wonderfully through this procedure. She was up, doing laundry & making pancakes the day after her mastectomy, and is feeling GREAT! She & my dad even went to church, lunch & visiting with friends yesterday- dad was the one worn out after that busy day! Didn't I tell you she's amazing.... :)
Her only last prayer request is that her scan in a couple of weeks shows her cancer-free. And she will be doing some radiation, so also that she tolerates that as well as possible. Thanks!


Kelly said...

she is defintely in my prayers!!! and how awesome is this....i have a grandma gert too!!! so funny! and she is just as spunky and vibrant....must be something in the name :)

Jaclyn said...

Grandma Gert you are in my prays!!! May god bless you and watch over you.