Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is just a post of some randomness... I found more pictures on my camera that I hadn't downloaded yet!

~ We flew in & out of Seattle when we went to Whistler, and had a few extra hours before we flew home, so we got to see Pike's Place Market and also, more awesomely!, got to see Janet, my BFF from high school that just recently moved way on out there and became a national buyer for Nordstrom's men's athletic shoes (we're so proud!). We were actually her first visitors- beat her fiance by mere hours! (Sorry, Trey!) ;)

We did get to see some fish FLY, and Larry really wanted to take some home, but we already had enough luggage!
The Pike's Place Market pig...
Aren't these gorgeous?! They have HUGE fresh bouquets of flowers, year-round. I really wanted to bring some home- but we already had enough luggage!

~ We got to open presents with Wes & Jen on Christmas Eve since Jen had to work on Christmas (& 2 days after- the life of a nurse!). Georgia got an adorable apron that she can't wait to use when she's baking! :)
~ Mom & Dad gave us all tickets to the Outback Bowl to watch Auburn v. Northwestern- a surprisingly close, frustrating and incredible game! I won't rehash it for you, I'll just tell you we all went home cold, wet and hoarse, yet, after 3 tries, jubilant!

Look who else is an Auburn fan- Santa! Can't hide behind that red hat, big guy!!
Our seats were close enough to watch the "talking-to" the defense was getting!
All caught up now! :)

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