Monday, January 25, 2010

Idea's to develop your kid in 1 hr a day...

I got a few great responses to my Momfession in the previous post, but the reply from my brother, aka "Uncle Wes", was the best... feel free to also use this plan for your *2-year-old*!! ;)

Idea's to develop your kid in 1 hr a day...
Here's what you do:

-Cut the shower to 5 min (While you are in the shower, she can review the numbers from last week, prepare, focus, and visualize getting ready to do better)

-5 min warm-up

-5 min streatching

-1 set of push-ups (max out) ( < 5min)

-15-20 min of either: basketball (work on the post game), soccer (i recommend cone drills to start on ball handling first), toss the baseball/football around5min straight free throws (they're free points... you just have to make them, so practice!!)

-10 min ab, leg and core workout (hello-dolly's, gorrilla crawl, leg throws, crunch's...)

-1 set of push-ups again (max out, plus 3 more minor sets with three quick breaths in between to rest) ( < 5min)

-Make sure you track all your progress and UP your goals each week to stay on track.

Let me know if you need any help!
-Uncle Wes


Anonymous said...

you already do more with your babies than I think I ever did with you guys! Georgia loves to bake and is a junkaholic like her parents so you can always do that. I try to make cookies with her whenever I can and I appreciate that you save that for me. When dad or I are home, you could also take walks with her as she does well riding in her red wagon...we could get out one of the biles and buy her a baby bike seat and I bet she'd love that assuming one of us is around to watch Linc. It will be so much easier now that the weather is getting great and soon you can practice swimming in the pool with her as she becomes a fish! Love grammie

Anonymous said...

PS- I can't wait until Wes has babies and you show him this post again!!

Us said...

I struggle with the same thing!! A lot of times i will end up letting Rollins shower with me and then play in the tub a few minutes while I put my make up on in the bathroom. A lot of times we will end up using the remainder of the time to just read together, and I'll read to him for 20 or 30 minutes or so. Also, I try a couple times a week to do something intentional in teaching him, and sometimes we will do matching games or counting certain colors of his cars. I have also found a book that is helpful that I got on ebay called slow and steady get me ready. it has easy, cheap, low prep activities you can do together at home that are usually short and educational. I also just checked out a book at the library called i love dirt, and it has activities that you can do outdoors. I haven't read it yet, but I am looking forward to it. And other times I let him have "room time" where he just plays by himself. I would love to hear any other ideas you have!! Thanks also for all the encouragement you gave me! i appreciate you!