Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Magical Adventure: Day 2

Day 2 was just as Magical and fun-FILLED!

We had a special lunch at the Crystal Palace, "A Buffet with Character"- Pooh and friend characters, to be exact! First to our table was Tigger...
Who Lincoln immediately decided he did NOT like. He wouldn't even look at him! We tried to tell him Tigger is just like a big Auburn Tiger, but he was not buying it. (Logan Phelps- I hope Lincoln can still be your friend! ;)
From then on, whenever we saw Tigger around the room, Lincoln would hide his head in Grammie's lap.
He even tried closing his eyes! I guess Tigger was a strange shade of bright orange!
He was feeling slightly more welcoming when Pooh came to our table.
And had really warmed up to Piglet!
And who wouldn't want to love on Eyore!
After lunch we went in search of adventure. Of course, there was lots of time together waiting in line for our adventures!
On a magic carpet ride...
The kids weren't too sure about the Jungle Safari, even though we told them the animals weren't real!
At least these animals were non-threatning. Everyone loves the Country Bear Jamboree!
Riding the train was a highlight- funny the simple things kids love!
We saw Mickey's house again and Lincoln loved his Big Toolbench. Mickey's tools were "Craftsmouse" brand- instead of Craftsman! haha
But instead of hugging those famous mice again, this time we went to meet the Princesses!! Georgia was SO excited, especially about meeting Cinderella. Later she told me, "Mommy, Cinderella was my favorite. She was so beautiful!"
It was great to meet Belle too, since we recently watched our new Beauty and the Beast movie!
The Princesses were all so sweet to talk to the kids (Georgia) a bit. Arora had asked Georgia how she slept (since she had to be kissed by a Prince to wake up, being Sleeping Beauty and all) and here Georgia was telling her ALL about how she slept in a TALL (bottom) bunk bed last night (at the Ft Wilderness cabin). So cute!
Riding the People Mover was neat b/c it was like a little train ride- up high!
This wasn't the best picture, but the castle was so pretty as it changed colors at night.
We ended our fun time with the famous Disney Electrical Parade- very neat! And they mean it when they tell you to get a seat early- we got our spots at 6:10 for the 7pm parade and by 6:15 we were being jostled for our little space. But it was worth the wait!
Thank you, Grammie & Grandad, for a wonderful, Magical trip! We enjoyed making such fun memories with you and love you very much!


Anonymous said...

While we thought this was our Christmas present to you, it quickly became clear that this was our Christmas present to ourselves! Who wouldn't want to spend 2 days and one night with 2 precious angels who were snuggly and had such a great time. We even like sharing our bedroom while K/L/Hippo #3 shared the extra bed in the living room. The kids had more fun with the little things- lunch with the critters was a huge hit and the trains, escalators and people movers placed just behind the team cups! It is really only a bit over an hour so now we are ready to share again with out of town guests! Grammie

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to take hippo ----grandad

aucindy said...

Loved all the pictures. I see a trip to Tigger Land in the Phelps future.

Cindy Estes aka Momcy