Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rosemary: 2 Months

Dear Rosemary,
Another month has flown by! At two months you are really turning into a baby and have passed by the newborn stage. You are delighting us more every day. I still try to sneak in every snuggle I can- and so does every one else! We are all loving having you here!

~ Your smiles are in full force! They stretch from chub cheek to chub cheek and light up the room! I get lots of them when I come get you out of your bed or at the changing table. I think you love that face to face time. And Georgia and Lincoln are always funny to you!
~ You are starting to try out some sounds too, besides the grunts and groans we've been hearing. We've heard some adorable coo's, goo's and awwws- and it melts my heart every time! Lincoln and Georgia are great at interpreting your noises- "she said HI to me!", "she said she loves me!"
~ Official doctor stats from you two month checkup (8/18/11): Height 23 inches (74%), Weight 10lbs 9oz (42%), Head 15.5 in (66%)
~You are still amazingly laid-back and easy- you were nicknamed The Invisible Baby by the Phelps! ;) You are eating 6 times (3-4 oz) every 3.5 hours from about 7am till last feeding around 11-11:30pm, and sleeping pretty much thru that last feeding till 7-7:30am. (We dropped to 6 feeding at about 5 weeks). This month I've started trying to get you on a better schedule of wake time after eating, then regular naps, some in the cradle.
~ You will sleep in your cradle just fine, but what you really love is the swing! It swings really fast even on the lowest setting because you are still so little, but you seem to love the crazy pace! I guess it goes along with the tempo of our household with brother and sister running around!
~ We went back to the pediatric orthopedist and you were cleared- no more signs of any hip click or displaysia, which is so awesome. That means no more triple diapers! I've been able to put you back into some of your smallest clothes again that didn't fit with the extra padding. The ortho doc said we won't have to visit him again until we start playing soccer. ;)
~ You got to meet Barry, Dave, and the Phelps when they came down for Daddy's fishing trip. Logan and Avery loved playing with your big bro and sis, though Avery wasn't sure about sharing her momma with you! It was a great weekend with friends and you were awesome with the extra activity going on around you!
Rosemary's first Sunday in church:
~ I finally got your birth announcements together (though not all mailed!) and chose this verse for you: "I praise you (Lord) because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14
We thank the Lord every day for you, sweet baby girl. You truly are a precious gift and we know the Lord has created you for His wonderful work. Thank you for being such a great baby- you make having a third child look easy! ;)
love, mommy

2 Weeks Old
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The Phelps said...

Love the update and GREAT pictures! That sweet little 'invisible baby' will start trying to talk over GA and Linc soon enough!