Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Last Friday the kids and I went on a field trip with Georgia's school to a local farm. It was a beautiful day and I loved watching my city kids run around in the open space! They chased chickens, pet goats and moo'd at cows- who moo'd back! They sat in the pumpkin patch and heard a story from a friendly farmer, rode on a hay ride and leaned way over the edge, climbed up big hay bales to the top!

It is times like this when I'm a bit sad that my kids will not have all this to grow up in, like I did. I may not have been a 'roping, riding, wrangling' kind of farm girl, but I did grow up with wide open spaces out my front door, ready for forts, bike rides across fields and adventures in nature. But I know there are still ways to share this part of my heritage with my kids. We'll just have to make it part of our own family traditions to drive out past where the sidewalk ends, out to where animals answer a little kid's call and wide open spaces invite running wild!
Georgia with our sweet friend Lily, cockadoo-ing at the rooster!

Our group listening to the farmer-lady read a story about a little pumpkin who wanted a sweet boy to take him home.

Miss Rosemary did awesome and liked the country air as much as her big sister and brother!

The kids ran thru a hay maze where there was a "surprise" hidden towards the end...
... a mini pumpkin! Georgia proudly showed me hers; Lincoln was already off to the next thing!

Lincoln's not telling the momma pig she is smelly-
he just thinks you should plug your nose this way to do a proper pig OINK!


The Phelps said...

I love the new look of the blog SO much! Looking at your blog just makes me really miss y'all though... I guess that will never get easier! BTW, how you manage to go on a field trip with GA, her class, Linc and Rosemary AND manage to take so many pictures is beyond me! You are such a good Mama!!! Talk to you soon. ~S~

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and I think all 3 kids should just model and we'll all retire! These kids may not grow up in the open spaces but we will do all we can to show them the open waters, beauty of florida and teach them how to oink so they turn out to be country kids like mamma and Uncles Wes & Michael. That Georgia isn;t afraid of any pig or sheep so she's a natural. Guess we need to work on Lincs animal sounds....aren't they all cute!! Hugs Grammie