Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rosemary: 9 Months

Dear Rosemary,
I actually started this before you turned 9 months, for once, hoping to actually get one out on time! But, still- no! But your big sis has a special day coming up SOON so I decided I better get it done before that! (And before you turn 10 months!!)

~You are everywhere, all the time! You are one busy baby! Your crawl super-fast, cruise on everything, and have stated using the push-toy to practice your walking. We keep thinking your first steps are going to be any day, but you keep us waiting! You have figured out how to open the cabinets- and empty them! Baby proofing is next!
Your big sis is a great help, as you try out your walking legs!

~After your great eating streak, we are back to the battle. You just aren't into it, bottle or food. Your eating schedule is supposed to be 7oz bottle 4x per day and baby food/cereal 3x. You get stir-crazy quickly in your high chair and getting any food in you can be challenging, but big sis Georgia helps with distracting you and keeping you happy. We are trying out some beginner finger foods- puffs and cheerios. You're starting to get the hang of it, but it's about one in four/five that actually make it down the hatch- the rest goo up and stick everywhere- your face, neck, arms, clothes, the highchair, the floor, on mommy...

~All that eating leads to many fun times in the tub. You're finally big enough to just sit up in the tub, often with a big sister, brother- or both! You love splashing in the water and try to grab onto the sprayer. You cry when it's time to get out! But we get all the goo out of your hair- which is getting long enough to go up, Bam-bam style!

~A very exciting first has been a first word- which I am SO proud to announce was mama!! Finally! A baby that says mama before dada! Of course I was proactive about it this time- I've been whispering "mama" in your ear since you were a newborn. ;) And it worked- you "mama mamma" all day! You're also saying "uh-oh"when you drop- or, more likely, throw something down. And also a great "Heyyy"- complete with a wave! Another first is we have been trying out a sippy cup. You love to chew on it, but you actually drink some water too! No new teeth yet with all that chewing- still just the bottom two.
Big smiles with Grammie!
Well, since we are halfway into your 10th month, Im going to stop here before I start reporting things that should be in next month's update! We continue to love watching you grow and learn new things. You are such a blessing to us all and we love you an incredible much!
love, mommy

PS- I waited to schedule your 9 month checkup after Georgia's bday, so I could just do one doc visit for both checkups- so we'll have some official stats to add to this after next week! 

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