Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012!!!

We are finishing up our Spring Break here. I've decided Spring Break should always follow the "spring forward" time change. The kids, especially girls, have actually been sleeping in! Lincoln usually has an internal alarm that gets him up at 7am daily, but this week he hasn't gotten out of bed before 7:30! It's been awesome for mommy.
We've had a very laid-back spring break at home. Which may be why Georgia keeps asking to go back to school! The kids rode their bikes, we ate popsicles, played at the park, did laundry- sounds exciting, right! ;) Well, today WAS exciting. Grammie and I took all three kids to the beach!
Whoo-hoo!! Spring break 2012, baby!!

Don't you love it when you've just gotten to the beach and all you want to do is play in the sand and you can't even open your eyes yet bc the sun is too bright but your mom wants to plop you down and make you smile for a picture?!
Just be glad mommy only had her phone for pictures, kids- it coulda been much worse if I'd had the big camera! ;)
"Don't worry little sister, I'll shade your eyes for you"
Nice hair, mommy! You may need to borrow my hat...
 This was only Rosemary's 2nd time to play in the sand- which was totally to our advantage because she wasn't too sure about it at first and would just stay on the blanket under the golf umbrella. (See, larry, I am getting some good use out of the giant golf umbrella you got me!) Every time she'd get near the edge of the blanket, she'd peer at that sand and let out an "ahhh!", which is baby-talk for: "ew- that sticky stuff is still out there!" So she was happy just playing and chewing on stuff in the shade for most of the time.

Showing mommy some sweet gums! Those little legs are getting so long!
 At the end of our day I brought her out and let her sit in the shallow stream left by the tide. It was perfect for her to splash in and watch big sister build a sand castle and laugh at big brother racing by!

Here comes brother, racing down the beach...
Whoa- there he goes!!
That is just the funniest thing I've EVER seen- that brother!!!! :)
A great day!! And a perfect way to 'celebrate' Rosemary turning 9 months old today- isn't she getting to be such a big girl?! Her 9 month blog update is actually started, so hopefully I'll get it done, well, sometime soon! :)


The Phelps said...

Love the pics! Makes me want to hug your beautiful kids... and go to the beach!

Matt, Debby and Sarah Grace said...

WOW, I cannot believe that Rosemary is already 9 months old!!! She's as old now as you were pregnant with her!! She's beautiful! Georgia and Lincoln are getting so grown up too. Maybe some day we will come down to visit family and stop by to say hi!! If we can ever stay in the country long enough :) We love you guys!!!