Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating Ga's 5th at Disney

The day after Georgia's birthday, 4/1, we left Rosemary with Grammie and took the big kids to Disney for the day. We didn't tell them till Georgia was opening presents the night before, so they were excited. We've been to Disney so often in the last year and a half, they started naming their favorite rides to do right away- mainly Tea Cups, and Splash Mtn for Georgia! It was a great way to cap off the weekend celebration of our special 5-year old!
*If you're thinking- "oh boy, pictures of the Hipps- at Disney- again!", I understand! But I couldn't not post them- it's for her birthday! :)

Lincoln on his first dollar coaster- The newly opened "Barnstormer"! How did he like it? not so much... ;)
Nice *fake* smile, Lincoln!
Our little photographer captured the day too :)
Our only family picture from the day, in front of Georgia's favorite ride Splash Mountain!
It started raining just as we were leaving, and we got to see a beautiful rainbow!
A great day! Happy Birthday, Georgia!

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