Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebrating Georgia's 5th Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Georgia's birthday. I thought it was just perfect! When I had asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she kept saying "a surprise party! With girls only!" I tried to tell her you can't really request a surprise party, or it ruins the element of surprise... but she insisted! So while Daddy was in class and Uncle Wes and Lincoln hung out, the girls got together at The Royal Tea Room- and surprised Georgia with a tea party!
Grammie, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Laura & Emma joined me and my girls for scruptious sandwiches, soft scones, tasty tarts and delectable desserts. And also- presents! Georgia loved the sparkler that came out for her on our tower of goodies, and that she got to have her own, real tea cup that I let her add the sugar and milk herself. Since she is 5 now! It was just the right mix of girly fun and birthday specialness!
Birthday Princess with a tiny treat!
Emma gets into her bucket of goodies
The girls enjoyed coloring, stickers and playing tic-tac-toe!
Little Sister did SO good taking her nap under the table while we dined!
And then little bright eyes was awake and ready to join the parties!

We had a fun family celebration that evening with Georgia's favorite dinner of crunchy tacos and corn, and then cake and -even more!- presents! I made a chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting that turned out quite soft and yummy, though I'm no expert cake decorator! Writing in frosting is hard! Thank goodness for sprinkles!
A special bracelet from Nana!
A special engraved shell from Grandad!
Fun chalk and dress from Aunt Heather and Uncle Jon!
(And thank you to The Phelps for the paper doll Princess set! (not pictured :) )
Little sis found something to play with too- bubble wrap!
Thank you so much to all who helped us celebrate this special girl's fifth year. She is so blessed to have each of you! It was an awesome day and I loved all of our celebrating- and I think our Birthday Girl did too! :)

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