Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lincoln's First Day of School!

Today Lincoln had his first day of school ever! He started in the 3-year old class at the preschool Georgia was at last year. He will go to school Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-12:30. He has been SO ready for this!! For about a month he's been asking "how many days till I start school?", "when am I going to go to school?"... He endured Mommy's first day pictures this morning, and went running into school when we got there, eager to begin this new adventure. His only hesitation of the morning was after we got in his classroom he gave his teacher a hug, but when I asked him to take a picture with her he said "No", like to say- I barely know this lady so I'm not ready to take a picture with her yet! Maybe another time, I told him! He was still all smiles and excitement when I picked him up, and when I asked him if he wanted to go back, he said- "Yes! Because I loved it!!" 
I think it's going to be a great year!!
Big brother hugs for little sister! Big sis was already at school, but she gave her hugs and first-day advice before she left!
Look at these two cheese monkeys!! ;)
I think he's been as excited about using his new lunchbox as going to school!!

Little sis thought she should be in one of these pictures too- with her favorite two guys!

And then there was one... :)

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