Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Georgia goes to Kindergarten

I've read these blog posts and Facebook updates for years- kids head off to school and no one can believe that it's actually happening! That they are that big already! That their baby is so grown up! Etc, etc...
And- guess what- now that it's happening in our house...
I can't believe that it actually happened! That my little girl is big enough for elementary school, for Kindergarten!! That my little baby has gotten so grown up!!
(If you don't believe me that she's gotten SO grown up- check out last year's first day pics!)
And, yes- to complete the cliche, I even shed a few tears this morning. But quickly and silently so no one would see and know I am one of those moms! ;)

But Georgia- she was ready and willing! And excited! 
And done taking pictures and wanting mommy to quit saying 'cheese' at her so she could just get on with starting Kindergarten! 
And she had a great first day and was waiting with big smiles when we picked her up, not at all seeming to be intimidated that she was now the little fish in the big, huge (compared to our little preschool!) elementary pond- like mommy was intimidated! 
She had painted us a picture, gotten Green on her behavior (as in green-good, yellow-warning, red-bad), and had not had time to finish her lunch but did eat all her sandwich. And couldn't remember any of her new classmates names but everyone was nice. And her teachers were great. 
And the day went by quickly (for her- not mommy!). 
And she seems ready to do it again tomorrow!! :)
Hopefully mommy can be a big girl- just like her Big Girl Georgia!

Georgia was still all smiles when we picked her up! Great first day! Little sister, on the other hand...
was totally wiped out from the busy first day of school! ;)

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Anonymous said...

What a big girl you are GKate! Poor Mommy as I know how she feels - I recall a few tears shed when my babies went off to school. Poor baby RR as she once again is drug along behind her big brother and sister. What a tough, content baby girl as she snoozes her way thru her afternoon nap!! Hugs from Grammie, Grandad and Buddy! 1