Friday, November 30, 2012

Auburn Pitstop, Fall 2012

As has become our custom, we stopped for breakfast in Auburn on our drive up to Birmingham for Heather and Jonathan's wedding. The kids expect the stop now, and what better place to stretch our legs, refuel, and find any Auburn gear we may be lacking!
Georgia especially loved getting to experience a taste of Fall, with all the leaves turning colors and all over the ground. She's truly our little botanist. She used the majority of their 45 min run-around time gathering the leaves from an area of Samford Lawn, determined to get a big enough leaf pile to jump in! And then she was generous enough to share that sweet little pile with her brother!
Of course I tried to get the kid group shot in front of Samford Hall... you'll see how that turned out... ;)

The Toomer's Corner trees were looking very sad. All the branches had been cut back to nubs. We were there just a few weeks before the trees caught on fire, after being rolled with toilet paper for one of our only wins this season. So, so sad...

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