Friday, November 30, 2012

Time to see the Animals

During our wedding weekend in Birmingham, we unexpectedly ended up with a free half day, so we voted as a family- and went to the zoo! It was a bit nostalgic for me- the last time I remember being at that zoo was a hot September day, right before we moved, on one last outing with the Phelps. The boys were both in strollers, the little girls not even yet a thought, and all Georgia wanted to see was a cow- which we never found!
This trip was great- the weather was beautiful and cool, and all three of our little Hippos enjoyed running around and seeing the animals. The zoo had done some new things since the last time we were there, which was added fun for us.

We stopped to watch the baby elephant getting fed, and found out this little big guy was from Tampa too! He's on loan from Lowry Park zoo in Tampa- just visiting in Birmingham for a bit!

Lincoln wanted to feed the giraffe.. Georgia wouldn't even get near it! She had a traumatic experience earlier in life where a giraffe tried to bite her little head off! I guess she hasn't forgiven and forgotten yet...

The Lions kept a watchful eye on us as we came by... 
The Tiger was snoozin, of course. Seems a lot of Tigers have been off their game this Fall!
Lincoln most wanted to see the Alligator, which he kept calling a Crocodile...
Georgia most wanted to see the flamingos- because they're PINK of course!!
Georgia's growing into a beautiful giraffe! See past Georgia the Giraffe faces here (2008) and here (2009)

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