Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lincoln's Field Trip to the Farm

Friday, Nov. 30
I went along with Lincoln's preschool class last week on a field trip to a local farm/petting zoo, HorsePower for Kids. It was very interactive, had a lot of interesting animals to see, pet and meet, and the kids loved it! Lincoln kept calling the trip his "Birthday Party at the farm", and I went along with it, since we got to do his celebration with his class while there! It was a perfect little Birthday treat!

Lincoln walking hand-in-hand with his BFF John Max.
Ms. Brittany's whole class!
Pony rides! 

A little train took them out to see more exotic animals like a fox, wolves, porcupine, tortoise, zebras...

Celebrating with his class! We made yummy chocolate-drizzled Krispie treats to share!

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Anonymous said...

Linc you truly are a small blessing to us all! Mommy- that picture of him holding the baby chick so carefully is all Linc! Those riding pictures take me back to the farm and Uncle Wes- how cautious they both are! Love his big soccer day and just know he's all BOY!!