Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Morning 2013

Sunday, March 31st

The Easter bunny was good to the kids this year- it was all set out so nice and neat...
And, first thing in the morning, the kids descended on their baskets of goodies! (Bed head and all... this picture is really to show you what I deal with in Georgia's hair every morning!)
Cards from Nana are always super-special! :)
And so are chocolates!!

 The aftermath.... I think I'll be finding plastic eggs around my house till July!

While I got breakfast ready, the big kids jumped into their paint-by-numbers. Georgia diligently followed the directions, fretting when one shade wasn't quite right. Lincoln announced about 2 minutes in he was just going to paint whatever color he wanted! But the quote of the morning was when daddy commented on the paint getting all over the counter, to which Georgia replied- "Daddy, sometimes an artist has to make a mess!" :)
 Then it was time to tame the bedhead and get into our nice Easter dress clothes!
Also- meet "Ariel", Georgia's newest best friend. Georgia and Grammie had a special birthday date on Thursday at Build-a-Bear, and Ariel was born. She's pink, if you hadn't noticed, with pink ears, feet, dress, nose, wand and shoes (not pictured). And she makes a fairy-wand twinkling sound! What more could a little girl want?! ;)
 "Ah- the paparazzi are always after me!"
After Easter service our church hosts a big lunch at a member's home on Bayshore. The setting is so beautiful, the potluck food delicious and plentiful, and it was great to have my parents and the Waltrips join us there. I told the kids they couldn't play until we got pictures done, so we took about 65, got these 2 decent ones, then they were off!!
(A note for next year- always take Easter pictures before church, even if it means being even more late to church!)

To make Easter even more special this year, it was also Georgia's birthday!! She was excited to be celebrating with Jesus, and got lots of birthday wishes with her birthday button on all day. Can't believe my sweet girl is SIX!! 

"And this is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem."  Luke 24:46-47

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Anonymous said...

Your bedheads sure do clean up well!! Lincoln looks like he just came off Little House on the Prairie!! What a great baseball player. Loved your church lunch and thanks for the invitation!! Mom