Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surprise! It's a Bounce Party!!

Friday, April 5th
A few months ago I asked Georgia if she had thought about what kind of birthday party she might like to have this year- she immediately said "a surprise party"! I told her she can't really ask for a surprise party- then it isn't a surprise! But, then, as I started to plan her party, I just never told her about it.... Surprise!! ;)
While she was at school, they came and set up the Princess Bounce house in our driveway, and I got everything set up. When we walked around the corner to our street on the way home from school, her face was priceless!! Such a big smile!! Then she and Lincoln ran all the way down our street and got right in it- and stayed there till I made them finally come out to rest for a bit before all our friends arrived.
It was definitely a hit!! Just look at these happy faces! (And Georgia's crazy hair!!)

They went in...

They bounced, jumped, fell on their heads, acted like crazy people...

Then came down the slide!

Sometimes more than one at a time!!

Sometimes on top of each other!!!

 Again- and again- and again- and again....

We also had a table set up to make your own candy necklace, also known as the fuel for the bounce house! Some actually made necklaces- and some just ate handfuls of candy and fruit loops...

I've never had my pizza delivered via cart before, but that's what it took to feed this crew!

 The sidewalk chalk was a hit with artists of all ages!

 And of course there was cake!! Apparently it was pretty good- even baby Anais thought so! :)

 It is always so fun to get to have a celebration with our family and friends, and thank all of them that came out to jump, play and party with Georgia!

Everyone went home with some Party Popcorn, tied up with a lolly... the popcorn was really yummy (and easy to make!), but some may have still been more impressed with the lollipop!

And, once again, I waited till the end to try to get a family picture... never good timing! But we all had such a fun time it wasn't too hard to coax one more smile out- or one more silly face!!

We had so much fun celebrating you turning six, Georgia! Now- stop growing!! My babies are getting too big!! ;) It's fun to see how much you are learning every year, and especially this year as you've moved into "big kid school". Reading, writing and arithmetic- you've really dove into them! And you are such a great helper and big sister. You even helped me with the last minute preperations for your own party. And, when you got the same gift twice, offered to give the extra to your little sister instead of keeping it for yourself. So sweet! We all love you so much, and thank God for you every day! 
Happy sixth birthday, sweet girl!!

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